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    Best Craft Light Beer.

    Fortitude Brewing Pacer is a very tasty light pale. Comes in at about 2.8% I think.
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    Newstead Brewing Company - Brisbane

    Good food and good beer. I like the model of having their own beers and guest taps too.
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    Brisbane BJCP Exams (Seeking)

    There's a few BJCP certified people in the Brisbane Amateur Beer Brewers. I'm not sure if there's currently anyone prepping for exams this year but it may be worth asking around.
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    Oxford Tap House

    Haven't been there yet but the Mill is awesome. Will have to make the trek.
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    Least Favourite Hop?

    Sorachi Ace does taste like ants.
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    Brisbane There's also good little bottle shop in Queens Plaza, in the city. They stock a decent range of craft beers and usually have a bit of variety.
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    Brewski bar

    Dropped in last week. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a relaxed joint and a good beer. It's nice to have a decent reason to come to caxton st that isn't a rugby game.
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    San Fran

    I would also recommend the Rogue Ales Public House if you like a bar with good variety on tap. North Beach 673 Union Street San Francisco, CA 94133
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    Iron Maiden Trooper Ale.

    For those of us in Brisbane. I've seen this one at Archive and Grand Central Cellars. The hardest part about drinking this beer will be deciding which album to play in the background.
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    Stupid things you have done on brewday.

    Very first BIAB day. Wrapped up the urn in doona and walked away for about 10min. Came back to find a wet doona and puddle of wort on the floor. The doona had caught the tap switch and pushed it towards the urn which opened it just enough to start flowing. Clean up for that one took a while.
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    QLD Beer Week 2013

    I had heard the grumblings about venues not wanting to fork out money to the organiser. I don't blame them really. Most of these venues already have an attentive and loyal following and can therefore do their own marketing far more effectively. It would have been nice to see one website that...
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    Coopers Vintage 2013 Extra Strong Ale

    Since when are Centennial, Chinook and Citra noble hops?
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    QLD Beer Week 2013

    Booked in for the Brewin Transfer at Kerbside so far. And the homebrewers showcase at the Scratch. Here's hoping it's a slow week at work.
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    Embassy Hotel - Brisbane

    Had lunch there today. Steak sandwich went down very nicely with a Fortitude Brewing Golden Ale.
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    IPA Recommendations?

    Vale IPA is another tasty drop that usually pops up around Dan's.