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    Keg Gassing & Drinking

    I don't have much experience with kegging, but I do know that when I bought a 50L keg from the pub (Tooheys New) I dispensed at around 180KPa. Is the reason for the lower serving pressures mentioned earlier ("dispense at approx 45KPa") because the keg is smaller? Just curious.
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    Its Boloody Done It Again!

    check the SG. maybe its already finished? also check the seal. i know on my ferementer it needs to be very tight. i often need to tighten the lid on my ferementer a couple of days later (i assume because the o-ring dries out and the seal is no longer as good)
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    Carbonation Problems

    Thanks guys, that could be it. I've just moved house and the new place has a room under the house, kinda like a cellar and I put the bottles in there. Maybe it was too cold. Will shake them and keep them somewhere warmer and see how I go. Cheers WesWeasel
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    Carbonation Problems

    G'day, I've been brewing kits for about 2 years now and only just started to get more adventurous. I tried culturing the yeast from a Coopers Sparkling Ale king brown to pitch into my brew. All went well for primary ferementation with SG dropping to 1010 and bubbling in the airlock. I...