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    [adel] 129 Crown Seal 750ml + 8 Grolsch 1.5l/473ml Swing Tops

    Im happy to offer $45 pm if interested. Im at Blair Athol so not too far away I would think
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    Brew Books

    Ok so far we have 1. How to Brew - John J. Palmer 2. Brewing Classic Styles - Jamil Z and John P 3. Designing Great Beers - R Daniels 4. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing 5. Radical Brewing 6. Brew like a Monk 7. Yeast 8. The Home Brewers Answer Book" by Ashton Lewis Can anyone who owns "How...
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    Brew Books

    Hey all, I am looking at expanding my "brew library" and was wonder what books people had out there. Especially what books have people got that dramtically changed either the quality of there beer or there understanding of the process. Cheers
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    Decypher A Flavour Help

    This link is great! http://www.bjcp.org/faults.php I think it might be Acetaldehyde? But only slightly. The flavour is not strong or unpleasant but it is something that should not be there. I think it might only be the slightest amount of Acetaldehyde. Its been a while since I brewed and both...
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    Decypher A Flavour Help

    15 Degrees.
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    Aussie Schooner Tips British Pint!

    I know this is a bit again the religion here but...... surely these guys need to make a dime. I give you the pokies in SA, (which are a f!@k'n cancer :angry:). are the only reason many of the pubs are still in business. Really whats an extra buck if your only drinking in schooners in stead of...
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    Decypher A Flavour Help

    Ok, so i am getting a flavour(s) in quite a few of my beers. It is not apparent in the heavier beers but is in the my lighter beers. It is also made worst by the fact that I have been using Saflager as a yeast as I had a budget deficit problem which seems to be just yaaah...
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    Biblical Scale Disaster

    Sorry Oatlands Brewer but this is all of them......by the way can anyone put up some money for the petrol..... <_<
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    Bottle Pasteurisation

    I wouldn't put liquids in the microwave. You can accidently super heat liquid above 100C which when taken out of the microwave can become lquid 'volanoes'. Google it if you are curious just be careful regardless.
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    Czech Pilzer

    I would probably google something before giving some else shit for a mistake. Franz Ferdinand named there band after the old Arch Duke I'm pretty sure.
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    Time For A "welcome To Ahb" Forum.

    Guys, Ive joined here quite a while ago and have lurked consistently for the last few years only dropping in when I have the time or the need for knowledge. In hindsight this is probably a bit selfish. I started with the Grumpy's Forum ten years ago one of the reason I started coming...
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    Long Time Members Who Dont Post Much

    its been a while since i have posted. But to be honest most of the thinkg i needed to learn i have and it just seems that the same topics get posted and argued again and again Still a great forum and one i have recommended to all new brewers
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    Cost Of Brewing

    Well The differences are: Grain 5.5kg of Grain vs Can of Extract and Bag of Sugar/Crystal (Grumpy's Masterbrew) 5.5 @ $4.50 (approx) = $24.75 vs $14.25 Grain + $ $16.25 = $30.50 Water = negligable. Water is so cheap. 35 litres + cleaning vs 25 litres + cleaning Gas 1.5 hr burn (1.5kg @...
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    Does Any Sell Glass Bottles?

    I'm only using them for beers that i want to age or which i dont want on tap. ie a Stout. So probably want enough to store say 30 litres?
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    Does Any Sell Glass Bottles?

    My old man cleaned out his shed on the weekend and threw away 100 of my grolsch bottles. Some of which i was cellaring. (I say shed, buts not really a shed). As a result Wedge has not bottles. Does anyone sell long necks out there.