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    Inkbird Thermometer Hygrometer Giveaway+ Big discount Sales

    Yes I’m in if still going. 👌
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    Inkbird Giveaway and Christmas Sales !Thermostat 308 wifi +Heating mat $69.84

    Yes please! This time its me for sure. 🤣 Would love the upgrade to WIFI.
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    Inkbird Black Friday Sales !! Giveaway of bbq thermometer IBT-4XS

    Just what I need for the smoker. Yes Please👌
  4. watHop

    Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI+Brewing heat belt Giveaway+Discount sales

    Yes please, would like one with wifi. 👌
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    Another Inkbird Temp controller ITC-308 wifi Giveaway +Brewing Heat pads

    Count me in! The controller and heat pad would be an awesome upgrade to my current setup.
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    Inkbird Giveaway on ITC-308 WIFI Temp Controller Thermostat !

    Yes please, to have wifi would be the best.
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    Inkbird Giveaway of Thermostat ITC308S with removable NTC Sensor and NTC 30CM Probe

    I think the ITC-308S with removable NTC Sensor would be my choice but I would be happy with both.
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    Hops growing - wicking beds

    Ok thanks.
  9. watHop

    Hops growing - wicking beds

    Ok that’s easy enough to do. What about in the years to come do these side shoots happen. Do they just creep up the main bine. This is my first go at it so not sure what to expect.
  10. watHop

    Hops growing - wicking beds

    Great info. This is what I was just looking for and a few photos of hops growing to compare to my first year hop plants. If you can see in my photos do you need to do anything with the longer vines coming of the main bine. There is a fair few at the bottom so u put another stick in for the...
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    Brisbane Grain Bulk Buy July 2020 - Craft Brewer

    Hi I’m keen on the next bulk buy.
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    Go with JDs Choice for the bottles works really well and get a keg washer from KL or KK. I have the KL one and it’s so easy to use. If you ever got one you will wonder why you didn’t get one earlier.