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  1. Wal05

    Aaarrr !

    I don't know why I'm a pirate. I just aarrrrrrr...!!!
  2. Wal05

    Too SOBA Meeting - 5 September 2014 - IPA Commercial Tasting

    I'll be a non starter unfortunately. Have a good night.
  3. Wal05

    Naming your home brewery

    They were done by a local sign writer, she didn't realise at the time but it was the sign writer that I use at work for making signs for our utes, trucks etc. He did the labels as well. Did a top job as well.
  4. Wal05

    Naming your home brewery

    Mine is called Ruff Red Brewing. The name comes from the days when I used to race in enduro's. I was a lot younger and fitter then.....also had a lot more hair.... We made up a team name "Ruff Red Racing", there were two qualifications required to join the team. 1. You had to have red body...
  5. Wal05

    Too SOBA meeting - 10 January 2014

    1. Earle 2. Robv 3. Benken25 4. Beersuit 5. Gary 6. Dave 7. Tommy 8. Wal
  6. Wal05

    Christmas food - Roast dead animal or...?

    I will be doing a pork roast on the BBQ this arvo, it is the wife's birthday tomorrow so we will celebrate that tonight. Xmas day will be baked ham, roast chook etc. Followed by vast amounts of pudding. All washed down with cold beers on tap....!!!! I almost feel like a lie down already.
  7. Wal05

    Tap left open on the fermenter

    I did this once, a couple of times. :D
  8. Wal05

    Kegging Setups

    Here is a shot of my new baby. It started off as an old fridge that I "acquired", a few holes in the door, a few coats of blackboard paint and here we are. And yes, it has kegs 1. 3. & 4. listed. That is because there is currently nothing on tap 2. And here is a shot of my fermentation...
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    Brew Fridges

    Fermentation Fridges
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    Beer Fridges

  11. Keg Fridge

    Keg Fridge

  12. Wal05

    Too SOBA November meeting 1/11/13 Lager tasting

    1. BenKen25 2. Earle 3. Jenno 4. Beersuit 5. rick1111082 6. Wal05
  13. Wal05

    National Homebrew

    (07) 4128 2033
  14. Wal05

    National Homebrew

    I've bought heaps of stuff from HBHB / National Home Brew, always excellent service, advice and delivery. Martin is happy to give good advice on recipes, hardware and techniques. Hops, grains etc. are always at a good price.
  15. Wal05

    Too SOBA September meeting 6/9/13

    Unfortunately I will be a non starter tonight. Will be a shame to miss your demo Beersuit, something I would be very interested in seeing. Dare I suggest we make a lager for a future comp??? Enjoy the beers boys, look forward to catching up at the next meeting...!!!