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  1. Voosher

    Timothy Taylor's 150th

    Bugger the AFL Dream Team... Here's a real 150th birthday to celebrate. Yorkshire Post And special thanks to the homesick Yorkshireman who pointed it out to me.
  2. Voosher

    Tetley's 'cream' Ale

    Mind you, a pint of Tetleys at the Stanley Bridge is a great excuse to check out their top shelf whiskys (actually I think it's the second shelf). Not a huge range but some pearls tucked in there. Sorry. I know this is a brewing forum but good whisky is made from beer... sorta.
  3. Voosher

    Inspectors Pocket Brewery Beers At Grumpy's?

    I have just noticed a minor outbreak of Inspectors Pocket Brewery labels appearing on the walls and other prominent locations at Grumpy's. Did you pay us a visit without saying "G'day" Screwtop? Or does the Inspectors Pocket have a secret agent? :D
  4. Voosher

    Hand Drawn Ales Now At Grumpy's

    It will almost certainly be the Porter on the handpump over the weekend. It's on now but as I have a day off tomorrow it has a chance of lasting into the weekend. Serving temp is as close as I can get to true celllar temp. Ultimately I'll set up the water cooler but for now they're coming out...
  5. Voosher

    Hand Drawn Ales Now At Grumpy's

    All right, all right. Confession time. I just wanted to get beer flowing through it as quickly as possible so they are not Real Ales. HOWEVER. We feel that a hand pump without a real cask conditioned ale is like a Ferrari with a Hyundai engine. As soon as practical we'll do the right thing by...
  6. Voosher

    Hand Drawn Ales Now At Grumpy's

    I am happy to announce Grumpy's latest acquisition is a hand pump all the way from the UK. The many pints of the Black Betty Porter I tested yesterday were magnificent. Get yourselves up here for a pint of Real Ale. :chug:
  7. Voosher

    How Do You Mash Your Grains?

    Underletting is the best method I've used but I'm not set up to do it at home. Best I've found at home is grains to water.
  8. Voosher

    The Wheatie Tonight

    Unfortunately I won't be there. I'm way, WAY short of my quota for AFD's over the last few weeks. Liver screaming. Eyes fogging. But please let us know opinions of the DHIPA.
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    English Styles

    My top Marmalade hops are: Styrian Goldings Challenger Target Willamette I'm with Warren on this one - Styrians give a gentle but distinctive marmalade tone and the current harvest are awesome. I have to do an all Styrian/simple malt ale :chug:
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    No Airlocks For 12 Months

    Airlocks have been redundant in my brewery for a couple of years. Never a problem.
  11. Voosher


    Now it's time to try the Schneider Aventinus. Then see what recipe you want to go looking for.
  12. Voosher

    Grumpys Invades Lcpa @ Freo

    I guess that's a partial Grumpy's invasion as well :D Thanks for flying the flag big d. That's got to be worth a pint when you're next in town.
  13. Voosher

    Psychic Beer Bottle

    I'll pay that one. It caused a not a little brain strain before I worked it out. :huh:
  14. Voosher

    English Styles

    Sorry. Just spotted this post. Brau knows me too well sometimes. Simple grists to see what different hops or yeasts do for a beer. Depending on the hop, the yeast, the gravity and caprice it's generally either 99% Maris Otter and 1% Choc or all Maris Otter. Standard hop schedule is generally...
  15. Voosher

    Hop Rhizomes/plant

    Rhizomes should be available for May orders and July deliveries as per usual. We'll provide a detailed list when it's available, probably towards the end of April. And just quietly, I suspect you'll find a significant revision to prices this year compared to prior years.