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    Labelling Of Booze

    Well ill chuck in my 2 bobs worth What i do is write a number or abreviation on the crown seal ie LCP (little creatures pale) and then on one bottle i use a label with all the brews info which i keep in a cupboard then when i need to identify i read the number off the top and compare to my...
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    Will My Bottles Explode?

    Beer Boy A little concern here is warranted but dont panic you have your kit now and there is always next time. A little advice when you first make your wort take a sample and test with hydrometer and record result and then test after 2 or 3 days and again before you bottle that way you can...
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    Calling Perth & Adelaide Brewers

    Batz I an make one of those nights so you guys figure out the night and ill be there BBB or Moon are both good for me!
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    Perth Brewers' Big Day Out

    Count me in for sure Will find a brew thats drinkable - hopefully!! Cheers
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    First Batch And It Is Going Wrong

    Im no expert jfkal but I agree with wedge rack your brew into a secondary fermentor and leave it to sit there for a good couple of weeks. Then bottle or keg as normal One of my early brews did exactly as yours is and went on and on but once racked and bottled was fine Hope this works for you...
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    Cold Conditioning Temp?

    OK no worries I will get it racked thursday Do you think cold conditiong improves the brew more than racking or just does it do it faster?? My mate and I have been debating this for a while - he cant see that CC'ing would make any difference but then again he dosnt think there any point in...
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    Cold Conditioning Temp?

    Hey Guys Just a quick question Im about to try my first cold conditioning on a brew. Its just a simple brew that im experimenting with that im about to rack and was wondering what ppls thoughts were on an ideal temp for CC'ing - keep in mind I can make the temp whatever I want as my mates a...
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    Australia Obsessed W/ Pale Lagers?

    I agree with Jason my mates all drink the most tasteless or non-offensive beers they can find ie Ice Carlton Cold etc etc As soon as they drink some home brew they are always saying whats that smell or whats that funny after taste this beer has??? And my mate that brews HB always backs off his...
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    Flat Brew

    I racked the beer into secondary but they only got two weeks as I had to go away and had no idea how long Id be so thought safer to get them in some bottles than to leave it sitting around for someone to knock over or take the lid off or dog start drinking it etc etc The bottles get no hotter...
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    Perth Brewers Get Together 2004

    Sorry Guys only just caught up with this post Im definatly in for the 17th Will have to find a drinkable brew to drag along now!! Lookin foward to it already VNTHB
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    Flat Brew

    OK I found the bottles in the shed that didnt get put in the fridge and they have been bottled for over 3 weeks And they are flat as well not as flat as the fridged ones but still very very flat There are bubbles in the beer but they arnt big bubbles if you know what i mean! The shed is a...
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    Bottle Washer

    Thought Id give you all an update on this one We finished the top draw and have now tested the unit all works well on the standard programing of the dishwasher. Only thing is half way thru you need to change a hose from one bucket (sanitizer) to a bucket of fresh water but bottles come out...
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    The Beer Problem Troubleshooting Guide.

    Yeah no worries Big D I will make sure she gets left at home maybe she can be my Taxi Has a date been set for the Perth brewers do yet?? Would really like to come Im only a K&K man at the moment with a little hops added in there som Im not a full 'man' as yet but id still really like to come...
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    Glass Rinsing

    Trev My mate worked in one of the flashy bars that does this in Perth It supposably does 2 things firstly it cools the glass and secondly it stops the beer 'clinging' to the glass as its poured so it stops the beer from forming a massive head and maintains its head while drinking something to...
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    The Beer Problem Troubleshooting Guide.

    I think my mrs could relate to some of that especially the Taxi one cost her $25 for a cleaning fee!!! Then theres my fermenter!!!