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  1. Uyllii

    BrewPiLess. BrewPi on a single Wifi board.

    The screen needs 5V. Ensure the power for the screen is coming from the AC-DC convertor and not the 3.3v on the wemos.
  2. Uyllii

    BREWMAN News

    Please order one of each of the PC for me please.
  3. Uyllii

    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    I just downloaded all my scoresheets as jpegs from the compmaster site without an issue.
  4. Uyllii

    BREWMAN News

    Could I please get a 2782-PC Staro Prague Lager Thanks.
  5. Uyllii

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I see you are soon to be selling a weldless thermowell and are recommending it for use on your Kegmenters. https://www.kegland.com.au/3-8-inch-bsp-thread-weldless-thermowell.html Will one of these still allow pressure fermentation (at around 12-15 PSI) and if so will the 36 PSI PRV on your...
  6. Uyllii

    Oldschool Nick JD 'move to AG for 30 bucks' PDF

    Also the attachment link in the OP is broken, use: https://aussiehomebrewer.com/attachments/37683
  7. Uyllii

    Spunding Valve

    Absolutely agree, I set mine to 15 PSI using a CO2 bottle. I put it on the fermenter on day 3 and have to check it twice a day. It will be perfect on 15 psi one time, the next time I look it will be on 5 psi, adjust the valve less than a tiny turn and next thing I know i'm at 30 psi, just touch...
  8. Uyllii

    Spunding Valve

    Looking forward to testing these both out. I currently have one like this: https://www.ibrew.com.au/products/c02-pressure-relief-valve I've got 2 of the bulk buy ones on order, and I will be getting one of the KL plastic diaphragm ones and a KL stainless poppet one when they are released. I'm...
  9. Uyllii

    Ultratap versus Intertap

    You are right, he had a number of Australian patents. They are all lapsed or ceased since before 2010. http://pericles.ipaustralia.gov.au/ols/auspat/quickSearch.do?queryString=Bradford+Amidzich&resultsPerPage= Don't get me wrong, I think the forward sealing tap design is a great design. I like...
  10. Uyllii

    Ultratap versus Intertap

    I own 3 Intertap taps, bought from Keg-King before the KK/KL split. There are two versions of the springs for the Intertaps, the big one works the other is too short/weak to properly close the tap. Even with the big spring it kinda scraped when opening and closing like you say. I ended up not...
  11. Uyllii

    2018 NSW State Comp

    Hey bcavan, they were different styles, exact same number on all 4 bottle labels. However, someone has fixed the issue on your website. I now have distinct bottle labels for both entries. I will re-print the labels today as I haven't dropped off the bottles yet.
  12. Uyllii

    2018 NSW State Comp

    According to step 9 I should have gotten unique numbers for a multiple entry. I actually got ####.1 and ####.1 rather than ####.1 and ####.2
  13. Uyllii

    Ultratap versus Intertap

    Baby Troll?
  14. Uyllii

    Robobrew and associated costs for all grain brewing

    I don't have a robobrew, but I have a grainfather. You will need a urn (or a way to heat ~17 litres of water to 75C assuming a 5 gal batch) for sparging. If you want to buy unmilled grain you will need a malt mill, hopper, drill/motor to operate the mill (or muscles) and bucket to catch the...
  15. Uyllii

    Ultratap versus Intertap

    So iterative design is not a good thing? I suppose that is why we are all still driving around in Model T Fords.