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    Scientifically Proven

    And there was the story in yesterday's Sydney Herald about US researchers who've discovered that the more COFFEE u drink the LESS LIKELY u r to develop alcohol related cirrhosis.
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    6 Litre Party Keg

    thanks doc, that looks promising. Noticed that the CO2 filler/handle is marked Euracom. Will investigate further. PB
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    6 Litre Party Keg

    OOPs - sorry - Grommet is the pink nipply thing. Valve is the greyish Cylinder type of object. Keg top markings are included in case anyone recognises them. Sorry about the layout. PB
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    6 Litre Party Keg

    Hi Brewers, Has anyone seen one of these before? I've had it quite a few years but there are a couple of parts that need replacing - namely the cap seal grommet and the tap valve. The grommet has hardened and perished and the tap valve has been eaten away, probably because I used Sodium Met...
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    Adding Ice To A Brew To Drop Temp

    I usually put about 4 litres of water into the freezer a couple of hours before doing a kit - that way you add cold water which mies through easier than ice and gives you a stable temp faster. PB
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    Legal Age

    Yeah Gerard, But there's also a serious attempt, I'm told by someone with a long and intimate involvement in the liquor industry, either to lobby or to test responsible service legislation via the courts to the effect that brew shops and supermarkets would be required to ensure that no-one...
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    Copper Tubing From Ac Unit

    Suspected that, but thought I'd check anyway. Ta POL PB
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    Copper Tubing From Ac Unit

    I have a 2HP split airconditioner that's just about to be decomissioned. There's an awful lot of copper tubing in the compressor unit. Just wondering whether anybody has discovered a way of rehabilitating the tubing for brewing use. PB
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    Can You See Your House?

    ok, I've tried it & it seems to get v blurry on EVERYTHING if you try to go in close - I can see my street, but only because I know where it is! Am I missin something?
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    Mash Demo-randwick

    B) Recording, editing and posting requires a fair bit of logistical effort and, if u do it properly, a great deal of time. Need to do more than just "record". I'd be prepared to do something like this if there was enough cooperative interest to do more than a one-off that could be compiled into...
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    Bottling From Keg After Carbonation

    you'll be able to do it easily if you chill the keg to around the 1 degree mark - cuts right down on the frothing PB
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    Are There Any Pubs In Sydney?!

    The title of this thread reminds me of the story of the busload of tourists who got lost - somewhere off the beaten track - they stop at a small roadside garage to ask directions. Before they can do so the old fella manning the place saunters up and asks, "Where have you lot come from?" "from...
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    Shag Beer To Be Banned ?

    I suppose a cheap wine named Rene Pogel is out of the question then :(
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    Kolsch Beers

    Just for he record, the kolsch at our last taste was rhe one from Potters' in the Hunter Valley - which they obviously now sell in bottles PB
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    Kolsch Beers

    Hi Shawn, Did I talk to you at the Paddy's tasting in November? No, I'm not a member of TT's group - in fact his name is anathema with us since his assessment of Trois Monts apparently (I didn't see it). We are really just a group of beer enthusists who meet about once every six to eight...