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    Random Keg and Fridge Photos
  2. troywhite

    Selling Everything - Kegs, Taps, All Grain Equip, Etc.

    Hi Guys, Bandito is right. All kegs and taps are accounted for. pwarren, you are happy to come and grab the boiler if you want it for free. Just call me on my mobile (listed above somewhere) to arrange a time to come by to grab it. mxd still haven't gor a postage cost for the tun yet, been too...
  3. troywhite

    Selling Everything - Kegs, Taps, All Grain Equip, Etc.

    Hi Pok, I suppose it is possible to post it. I will measure and weigh it and get back to you. Any other takers out there for the other gear? Amazed the kegs are still sitting here. Troy.
  4. troywhite

    Selling Everything - Kegs, Taps, All Grain Equip, Etc.

    Hi Guys The first two Canberra Guys who replied to my PM's came out and bought the items already sold. I did try to stick to the timed order of PM's. Sorry pwarren, but you hadn't replied before they came out. cozmocracker, as mentioned all kegs and taps are still here so call me on...
  5. troywhite

    Selling Everything - Kegs, Taps, All Grain Equip, Etc.

    Hi Guys So far I have sold: Immersion chiller Bucket of death Grain mill Regulator Party Keg I still have: All kegs All taps All fittings Mash tun Boiler Other bits Please reply into this thread if interested as my PM folder keeps getting blocked. If you want call me direct on 0412862056.
  6. troywhite

    Selling Everything - Kegs, Taps, All Grain Equip, Etc.

    I'm replying to PM's now, however I have hit my PM limit. Yes the mill is for sale. Just remembered it is a crankenstein mill and is in excellent condition still. Can't even remember how much I paid for it new (from TWOC in WA). Stay tuned. Will have photos of the party keg up shortly. Still...
  7. troywhite

    Selling Everything - Kegs, Taps, All Grain Equip, Etc.

    Hi Guys Everything must go, I need the cash! I am selling all my kegs, taps, connections, 3 tier allgrain set up, the lot. Check out the photos. I have: - 7 x 19L Cornelius Kegs @ $55 each. All in good condition, some with new seals, all hold pressure. -3 x EK Swing Taps in good condition...
  8. troywhite

    Craft-brewer, Home-brewer, Cheap-skate Or Wanker?

    If I could buy a slab of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for $20 I'd sell off my brew gear tomorrow :)
  9. troywhite

    Temeperance/prohibition On The Way Back?

    If you are going to do this then you also need to reduce it for the fatties and the smokers who are causing as much stress and strain on the system as drinkers. It's all these cursed RTD's that are the problem. "Kids" these days aren't tough enough to get a taste for beer. They resort to sweet...
  10. troywhite

    Wanted: Ag Equipment In Canberra

    Hi Dicko, The Canberra Brewers club is meeting this Thursday night at the Harmonie German Club (49 Jerrabomberra Avenue Narrabundah). Well worth turning up to. You will be sure to meet someone who can point you in the right direction for bits and pieces. My personal kit is comprised of: HLT...
  11. troywhite

    Wort Chill Method

    No chill for me. 18 brews with no problems. I just can't bring myself to waste water. If the water levels ever return to their "non restricted" levels then I'd consider it. (or if I ever get a water tank I suppose)
  12. troywhite

    "the Knowledge" By Little Creatures

    Thought they'd try something new hey? LOL Yet another beer from LC that has prominent cascade flavour. Not that I don't like it. In fact my favourite beer to brew is my own APA with extra Cascade (and I still drink LCPA over here in Canberra, where it is cheaper than there in Perth btw :) )...
  13. troywhite

    Show Us A Pic Of Ya Bottle Opener

    Easy.... Mines a Coopers credit card in SS. Australian all the way buddy ooo yeah!! :D Photo tonight :)
  14. troywhite

    Colonial Brewing Co. Margaret River

    Nice one Steve. Are you originally from WA? We'll have to have a yack about it at the next Canberra Brewers meet.
  15. troywhite

    2 Fermenters Destroyed Today

    I just put a wad of bluetac on my fermenter that used to have the fish tank heater in it. Works well.