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    Whats In The Glass

    Wouldn't mind seeing the recipe too.
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    SG not as expected

    At the start of a boil I took a reading after the wort had cooled to 20c in the hydrometer tube and it read 1040. I then performed the boil for 60 mins, boiled off approx 4liters then cooled the wort and at 20c took another reading it read 1038, any ideas as to why that would be?
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    Dry hopping and natural carbonation

    Just thinking of dry hopping in the keg whilst adding some sugar simultaneously in order to naturally carbonate at room temperature for a week then cold crashing. I'm sure this will have been done by some of you already and was curious to know if there any effects to the beer in doing this...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I read on a Facebook Brewzilla forum that the 35L has an enhanced version after the 3.1 apparently the step function timer only starts when the target temperature has been reached is this correct?
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    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    Roughly how long does it take to heat 18 litres of say 20C water to around 73C? and how happy are you with the Guten 40L in general, are there any niggly things in the design/features you wish could have been altered to your liking? and what are the things you really like about the...
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    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    Does the Guten 40L have a timer so that its possible to set a temperature for the mash the night before and be it at temp at a specific time the next day ready to mash in? Also is it good practice to pump cooled wort from the Guten to the fermenter using the onboard pump?
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    Keg Hopping / Dry Hopping

    i was thinking of transferring from primary to keg, add dry hops, purge keg to reduce oxygen and seal the keg lid but not connected to Co2. Leave keg at room temp 3-5 days, cold crash, hook up to Co2 and force carb over next few days, drink.
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    What are you brewing - 2019?

    I don't recall a pub called the Trunk but it could be that we just didn't go in there for some reason. Just wondering do AIPA need to be high ABV or do AIPA's with lower ABV's still have that same hoppyness?
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    Keg Hopping / Dry Hopping

    Does natural carbonation in the keg work well whilst dry hopping at the same time?
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    What are you brewing - 2019?

    That's almost identical to the "Undead" pale ale recipe from James Mortons book, I brewed it a few weeks ago and it's stunning! I was in NZ recently and the Epic brewery turn out some great AIPA Zombie being one and Armageddon being another.
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    What are you brewing - 2019?

    Used to be a pub in Leeds UK called Brahms and List in the early 80's, a great drinking hole. Was your Zombie dust based on the NZ Epic brewery Zombie IPA?
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    What are you listening to

    Talented kids
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    What are you listening to

    1min 48 secs in if you want to cut to a decent solo.