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  1. Toper

    Big Brother is now Watching You

    Express VPN,DoNotTrack.
  2. Toper

    Melbourne Brewers Beerfest 2017

    From the main man ,"We're discussing extending it by a week.... will confirm when the decision has been made..."
  3. Toper

    Melbourne Brewers Beerfest 2017

    Confirmed drop off points are now needed ;)
  4. Toper

    Melbourne Brewers Beerfest 2017

    El Presidente says CompMaster is now open for registrations.
  5. Toper

    Dodgy email supposedly from CraftBrewer - beware

    nadcamail traces to the US .IP shows reports of fraud email activity
  6. Toper

    Dodgy email supposedly from CraftBrewer - beware

    A handy site,it's run by a gent I know in the States,use the email parser to trace the full headers and see if an IP or addy is on their database as a known scammer.
  7. Toper

    VICBREW 2016

    Great work by all Martin,twas a breezy day yesterday thanks to the changes,hope it all went as well today.Some great beers there. :chug:
  8. Toper

    Pauline on Q&A

    Oooh yes. Her anti vaxx views show her complete scientific ignorance of the issue.I do a lot of work with ASD groups and the 'vaccines cause autism' bullshit pisses everyone off massively.Pseudoscience and woonacy.
  9. Toper

    6 Days dry

    Today I'm celebrating 30 days sober. Not and there..over the years. I'm estimating..
  10. Toper

    Beerfest 2016 - Melbourne Brewers 26-27 Feb

    On my way there in 30 minutes time,BRING IT ON !!! :drinks: :beerbang: :kooi:
  11. Toper

    Tap King product ending

    My local BWS staff got a deal on the remaining stock,$2 per dispenser and $5 per beer,probably the only time the price was right. :lol:
  12. Toper

    Anyone else get their credit card scammed today?

    Be cyber aware,be cyber safe.Whether it's malware,phishing or physical contact with a card,if the dirtbags can get the info they will.Using a debit card with a limit decreases the chance of a major rip off with online purchases.If people realised the amount of personal info out there on scammer...
  13. Toper

    VICBREW 2015

    mis post,can't find the delete
  14. Toper

    VICBREW 2015

    Saturday steward,excellent :drinks:
  15. Toper

    Vegemite brewed into beer in remote communities

    Debunked in the media,finally :super: