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    Mashing in Esky Vs Stainless Pot

    I've been brewing in a 50L stainless "pot" for while now and wondering if it would be of benefit to mash in a esky cooler to maintain mash temps a little better. I usually only loose a couple of degrees / hr but it's a pain with all the doona covers and sleeping bags. Just wondering what sort of...
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    Cheeky Peak Brewery Albury / Wodonga

    Tried a few new beers at the brewery's bar today and found a new favourite - Hip Hop Pale Ale!!! Now i can't decide which beer i like best, the Irish Ale is a very close second. The misses loved the range of Ciders Good job guys!
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    Albury / Wodonga Brew Club

    Hey guys, Been a while. So what's everyone brewing leading up to the colder weather?
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    WTB: Flasks (3L & 5L) and Magnetic Stirrer

    Cheeky Peak in Wodonga are the cheapest i've seen for larger flasks
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    Erlenmeyer flasks

    I found these to be cheap as chips for 5L
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    What Are You Brewing III

    Experimental brew for the weekend 63L SG1050 70% Ale Malt 10% Wheat 20% Munich 65g POR @60 minutes Cube 1 = 20g Cascade cube hopped Cube 2 = 15g Amarillo cube hopped Cube 3 = 35g Saaz cube hopped Ferment with 3068 @18 deg
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    Brewtoad vs Beersmith, am I missing out?

    Cheers for that site, Recipe database looks good ;)
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    4 Way CO2 Manifold

    Has anyone had any experiences with this kind of manifold Ideally i'm after 2 x 4 way mainfolds, but i have heard some of these can leak and the last thing i...
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    Pre-Made Mash Tuns (100L)Q

    I have purchased stuff from ubrewit wodonga - If you dont want to build it ask them to build it for you, they sell 100L pots and i'm sure if you asked them they would build you up a mash tun
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    100L stainless pot

    Let me know is mckenry falls through
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    Albury Wodonga and region Grain BB Take 2 with $44 perlick 525ss

    67 Wigg St, Wodonga - 60245722
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    Albury Wodonga and region Grain BB Take 2 with $44 perlick 525ss

    1 x JW Trad Ale 1 x Simpsons MO 1 x Best Munich 1KG EKG 1KG POR 1KG Cascade Cheers
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    Cleaning - Earth's Choice Laundry Soaker

    Close enough
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    Albury / Wodonga Brew Club

    Finally got a facebook page going. Join up to hear all about our events, or just to talk more about beer ;) Cheers
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    Albury Wodonga and region Grain BB Take 2 with $44 perlick 525ss

    Great work, now just to work out what i want, and how much of each. You're gunna get me in trouble by the look of my total...