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    Used grain

    Google search terms: " anzac biscuits spent grains eg. past AHB threads re using spent grain
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    Most ridiculous price you have paid for a beer

    "ridiculous price": as in so cheap... On Hanoi street corners. Sitting on tiny plastic infant chairs. Drinking 'Bia Hoi' at 10cents each.
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    All Munich dunkel - anyone got advice they wanna share? "Old Dark Bear" recipe. 97% Munich, 3% Carafa III (I like it with 5% Smoked grain) Cheers
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    Ale! What is it?

    "Periodic Table Of Beer Styles":
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    Warning Regarding Big W PET Beer Bottles, and my Introduction to AHB

    re PET bottle quality- I still have Cooper's PET from over eight years ago, used regularly and no problems. Yes, Big W used to sell them and then 'downgraded' their supplier/product. Dan Murphy still sells Coopers. Their caps changed a couple years ago but still hold pressure. In my case, 8-10...
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    Not boiling hop additions? Options?
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    Tall stock pot

    I use a 30L sourced from "Anaconda".
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    What's your best mash efficiency?

    Ahh, I was at 1.20pm. But then I was also up the ladder picking hops for five additions starting with mash-in. "I made beer that tasted like I wanted" in my 'processes' means add or subtract grain for the next batch according to my taste buds. The latter is what counts to me. Aside: Hats off...
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    Time Efficient Brewing (or How To Brew When You Have Kids)

    Overnight mashing...
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    Sour beers

    Thread 'tangent': I purchase commercial lambics and sours and really enjoy them. But not ready to commit to the time required to brew/age them myself. A pleasant surprise today when my latest fruit beer went sour/tart on me, or at least my taste buds. Neither previous fresh apricot nor fresh...
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    Chilling your wort

    Re syphoning: "...One reason people have problems siphoning is because they begin by keeping the outlet end of the hose below the top level of the liquid from which they are siphoning. Wrong! The secret is to keep the outlet end of the...
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    No airlock, good idea?

    No airlock? No lid? No gladwrap? No worries... ;-)
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    AHB Articles: Fermenting Directly in the No-chill Cube Purpose: "...To evaluate the differences between a beer aerated by shaking and one made from the same wort with no effort put into aeration..." My Impressions: "...Blinded or not, I could not reliably...
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    Blow off tube with glad-wrapped fermenter? "...To investigate the qualitative differences of 2 beers made from the same wort, pitched with the same amount of the same yeast, and fermented at temperatures 16°F apart from each other..."...
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    Pic attached from Prague venue visited in 2013. i.e. 'tank beer' housed in a glass cabinet; and this place offered TWO beer styles! ;-) "...Without pasteurisation, beer is liable to go off quite quickly. But to solve this problem, crafty Czech beer-lovers have come up with an ingenious...