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  1. the_fuzz

    Cheap And Free. Everything To Be Picked Up From Broadview Sa 5083

    you lucky SA bastards - but I guess it evens out - you live in SA, the Backwater :P
  2. the_fuzz

    Ahb T Shirts- I Will Be Organising A Buy

    I would love a polo shirt XXXL I guess - not fat bastard, 6'4" Gym Junkie (HB causes me to go more often, so we both win)
  3. the_fuzz

    Beer Vs Wine - The Great Challenge

    Ok, so that is breakfast out of the way, what about after lunch?
  4. the_fuzz

    Ideas On Sealing Mash Tun Please

    Do you have plumbers tape on everything?
  5. the_fuzz

    2008 Hop Plantations

    i'm in the exact same situation with my cascade - grew like wild fire up to about 3m, but has now stalled and the leaves are looking like the ones above
  6. the_fuzz

    Heads Up For Those Who Follow James Squires Limited Releases...

    got a case here just haven't had time to try one yet Also after the rarsberry wheat crap, i'm a little worried - the pepperberry was nice thou
  7. the_fuzz

    Natural Beer

    Not that i'm a fan, however I do fail to see how they are lying? They are using no additives, they are using hop pellets (even thou there is a shortage, very strange). So they are brewing beer naturally using natural ingredients - which also in turn they are annoucing that they didn't use to use...
  8. the_fuzz

    Beer & Brewer Magazine(summer Edition) Bconnery

    yeah saw that - also some stuff in there about babbs Well done bconnery
  9. the_fuzz

    Ag Setup And Stand

    2 power cords going to 2 different circuits - 2400w is 10amp, thus you will need to circuits - unless of course you just get a bigger circuit
  10. the_fuzz

    Refractivitiy And Sg...wtf

    Are you using a refrac calc tool? Fermenting wort uses a different calc when using a refrac - beersmith calcs for you
  11. the_fuzz

    Anybody In Sydney Keen For A Beer/feed?

    can't meet but would recommend the James Squires Brew House down in Darling Harbour - good beer and food and view I would only recommend the above and the Bavarian and Belgian are both awesome for a feed
  12. the_fuzz

    Lbest Place To Go For A Beer

    remember, it is not the best beer just best places to have a beer. They can be very different
  13. the_fuzz

    Finally Win Against Fosters

    yes, I hate cascade but for some reason it is talked about like some brewing goddess - but then again, it does come from TAS........
  14. the_fuzz

    Finally Win Against Fosters

    who the hell drinks that crap - the smaller the bottle the better <_<
  15. the_fuzz

    Fermenter Filter [new To Brewing]

    A couple of pin prick holes in the glad wrap would sort out that issue :)