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    Porter, Very High Krausen

    Hi Holden4th. Re your yeast pitching routine... no need to attempt to oxygenate dried yeast. Just rehydrate exactly as per Lallemand instructions and pitch. All energy reserves are contained within the dried yeast. You MUST oxygenate if repitching that yeast. tdh
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    Did anyone see the new beer with shipwrecked yeast?

    I didn't just see the beer... I drank The Wreck tonight. Surprised how well this beer was attenuated. The back story is brilliant too.
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    Grumpy's Brewhaus

    Koelsch and Altbier.... love it! Visited Duesseldorf again last year and another Altbier micro has joined the established brewers, what a great place. Gotta love Altbier... a malty grist, a bitter wort and a dry ferment. GT
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    Grumpy's Brewhaus

    Hi Steve, good to hear that you're still kicking. What's in today's fermenter? GT
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    Grumpy's Brewhaus

    Hi gents! My ears were burning... Yep, sort of in the wine business... company called Winequip... tanks, crushers, presses, pumps, refrigeration etc. Distilling and brewing equipment as well. Been here nearly 9 years. Steve and Ducati Stu still lurking!!! Still brewing??? I'm still brewing...
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    Inspire me

    Brew your fave recipe but go for an estery Belgian yeast and 1% roasted malt (e.g. Carafa). GT
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    High Final Gravity

    Hi Halfwit. Your attenuation is only 50% and therefore I's be reluctant to bottle a beer that could slowly keep fermenting in the bottles. I'd keg rather than bottle, PET bottles at a pinch. To work out attenuation - OG = 70 points Current gravity = 35 points Gravity drop = 35 points 35/70 =...
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    Amarillo Poll

    Drank Mikkeller Amarillo Single Hop at the Wheaty the other night (on tap) and not that pleasant. I hanker for resinous hop flavour and high bitterness which this beer had but the flavour was not the tastiest. The Simcoe version was far better. tdh
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    Best Multi Purpose High Aa Hop

    POR, German and US Northern Brewer as all-round hop. I'd add the mighty Simcoe but it's toooo American in flavour and aroma to be an all-rounder. tdh
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    Johnno On The Radio

    I prefer fermented pineapple juice beer out of shaved armpits. tdh
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    Johnno On The Radio

    Tune in to 891 on the AM scale. tdh
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    Chinese Varieties

    Yep. tdh