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    Storing 25kg Grain

    Out of curiosity, how long does grain last for in storage? I've read that once it's cracked it's best used within a couple of days. What's the 'shelf life' for grain both cracked and uncracked?
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    Beer Without Hops?

    Is Pride of Ringwood the only hop variety grown commercially/successfully in Australia? I'm sure Little Creatures don't use any Aussie hops for their Pale.
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    Plastic Fermenters Are For Pussies

    I'll bet you had a pronounced woody characteristic of your own once you set eyes on that thing, Sosman!
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    Empty Chimay Keg 20.5lt

    Wow... I wish there was somewhere in Adelaide that had Chimay on tap. Where did the keg come from?
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    My Weizen Recipe?

    One thing I loved about the weihensteph hefe was its citric-lemon zing. What's the consensus on putting lemon peel in a recipe like this? And what about bottle conditioning? Yours must still be quite young, Morry. What's a good time to leave a beer like this in the bottle before drinking?
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    Chopper Reid Beer

    Lame. I bet it tastes like piss. "Jesus, Chopper, put it away!"
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    My Weizen Recipe?

    I only just tried some Weihenstephaner Hefe and Dunkel's for the first time this arvo and man, they were mathafackin delicious. What a Summer quencher that hefeweissbier is! I'm pretty keen to try a recipe like that for my next brew, Morry.
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    try something new

    Yo gravediggaz. I've been making my way through the Leffe range over the past few days. Their dark ales (red and purple labels, can't remember the names) were quite nice, though a little sweet. Quite nice, but definitely not up there with Chimay Blue for my money. I just tried the blonde which...
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    Some Interesting Local Brews

    Thanks for the heads up, Phantom. I'll steer well clear of that stuff, although the operation sounds so dodgy that I might have to try one out of masochistic curiosity if I get the chance.
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    Home Brew Leads To Hawke's Bay Prison Lock Down

    LoL, yes, I'm sure it was a fine drop indeed.
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    OK, You're Here And You Brew, What Else Do You Do?

    heheh... noted. Thanks for clearing that up :D
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    How Much Beer Do You Have In Storage ?

    I'd be sure to keep some VB, Tooheys Extra Dry and/or other such crap if I had that much good beer. You wouldn't wanna waste the good stuff on the macro-swill plebs ;-) I agree though that it seems a pretty obsessive amount of beer to be hoarding.
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    OK, You're Here And You Brew, What Else Do You Do?

    Bike courier / arch-enemy of sketchy bus and car drivers everywhere. :ph34r:
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    How Much Beer Do You Have In Storage ?

    Here's a link straight to his proper bar: http://kp.home.mindspring.com/BeerRoom/bar.html Doesn't look too dodgy to me! What a beer fiend.