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    Wanted: approx 10-15g leftover hops (carlton / Melb CBD / Fitzroy) plz

    I got plenty of hops but not around until later this evening 8 or so
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    Hop Dealz Australia

    I'm down for a kilo of Citra if it becomes available./... ARGHHHH!
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    2016 Vic Grain Bulk Buy

    Well crap!!! My ride cancelled last minute. Anyone here able to give us a lift to and from the collection? I am inner north (Coburg) Help appreciated! Sorry folks!!! I have sent out a big message to mates as well. Will update if they get back to me. Thanks guys and gals - Jimmie
  4. syl

    2016 Vic Grain Bulk Buy

    1. Grainer: 1 x Bairds Maris Otter 2. syl 3 x BB Galaxy, 3 x BB Ale, 1 x BB Crystal Medium, 1 Weyermann Caramunich II 3. Bumma 1 x JWTraditional Ale, 1 x Wey Pilsner 4. Razz: 2 x Weyermann Pale Ale 5. Nullnvoid 2 x JW Traditional Ale 6. Peaky 1 x Wey Munich 1, 1 x Bairds Maris Otter, 3 x JW...
  5. syl

    2016 Vic Grain Bulk Buy

    1. Grainer: 1x Gladfields Ale, 1x Gladfields American Ale, 1x Bairds Marris Otter 2. syl 1 x Gladsfield Ale Split Bags Glad fields Crystal Light1.Grainer 2.Grainer 3. syl 4. syl 5. Glad fields Crystal Medium1.Grainer 2.Grainer 3. syl 4. syl 5. Glad fields Crystal Dark1.Grainer 2.Grainer 3. syl...
  6. syl

    FS: Allgrain Equipment - Melbourne

    Backup if unsold!
  7. syl

    Cheap Fridge & Brew books, MELB,

    PM sent
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    Full Pint: Brew Supplies

  9. syl

    Full Pint: Brew Supplies

    Dang. Broke until the 15th - can I organise some sacks though bro? Need a couple of hundred kg's for an upcoming contract.
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    VICBREW 2015

    That's what I thought, hence sitting tight.
  11. syl

    VICBREW 2015

    I can't see it either - I haven't tried to enter yet though.
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    Hop Bursting Mid advice

    That one is over the top... 55 IBU's... Stick to the one posted above! :) EDIT: Although I don't know about that website and it's IBU calc'ing
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    2016 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    Dang. Sunday wont work! All good mate and thanks, I will work with curls also have the 2 C's coming from the ex and another rhizome from my mate on friday. Cascade, PoR, Chinook, Victoria - perfect for my bath tub planter!!! Thanks gents!
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    2016 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    You around much this weekend? I may order some hops and come past? (pekko + au casc + au galaxy)
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    So what's the goss folks? Feedback? Going purely by description I am thinking I am going to use it in my cal common for this years VicBrew. Used to be purely Cascade for flavour and aroma but I may do half/half this time around as it seems to be one of those vague hops.