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    Beer For Kegerator

    Yep he wants beer in the kegs. Anybody know a bottleshop in melbourne that sells them?
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    Beer For Kegerator

    My brother bought a kegerator and is eager to start using it. We'll be making some homebrew to put into it, but until then he wants to know where he can buy CUB/Tooheys kegs. I assume he needs to go to a pub.
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    Need A Plumber - Melbourne

    I can't find a plumber who wants to hook up my natural gas burners to the mains. Can anybody recommend somebody who can help me out? I'm in Melbourne, eastern suburbs.
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    Natural Gas Burner

    Awesome :) Nice googling.
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    Natural Gas Burner

    Anybody know where in Melbourne I can get a natural gas burner that will run off mains gas? -Stratis
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    Beer And Bowel Cancer

    As far as I know no brewery uses preservatives. Could be wrong though. Red meat and a diet high in saturated fats is strongly linked to bowel cancer, according to the FDA in the US.
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    Ball Valve And March Pump Connections

    I'm in the middle of building my new system. Should be able to make about 140 litre batches when I'm done. Just got a march pump and installed some 1/2 inch ball valves on my new HLT, mash/lauter tun and kettle. I've also got some 19mm tubing. What's the best way to connect the 19mm tubing to...
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    A Beer For Schapelle

    Don't get me wrong - I still feel very sorry for her...BUT You have to admit though if it were me (a 23 year old male of mediterranean ancestory) in her situation I can guarantee you that I wouldn't generate the same amount of sympathy as a pretty young anglo woman. Just a thought.
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    What are you listening to

    I'm into Muse at the moment. I bought the Absolution album two weeks ago and haven't taken it out of my car's CD player (partly due to laziness).
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    1272 Or 1056 For An Apa

    I did a split batch once for an APA. The 1272 is a bit more estery and malty. If you want a nice clean APA which accentuates hops then go with the 1056.
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    Gunn Island Brew Pub, Middle Park

    Bell's is better but you guys are being a bit harsh. The IPA is quite good. The ESB (forgot what they call it) is also nice. The lager is not too impressive but not a bad drop.
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    160-200 Litre Boiler

    Thanks for the suggestion fellas.
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    160-200 Litre Boiler

    Anbyody know where I can get a 150-200 litre boiler (any metal)?
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    Batch Sparging And Efficiency

    I only get about 65% with batch sparging which I'm happy with. I might get higher wih fly sparging (depending on my method) but I prefer the simplicity and time saved with batch sparging.
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    Brewpubs In Melbourne?

    There have been a few threads on this so a search should help you. Basically the best place in the CBD is the Portland Hotel. It's a brewpub which also has the entire James Squire range on tap. Another 2 brewpubs in the CBD are St Arnou and Three Degrees. In Richmond you've got the Great...