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    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    I've had my GD125 for 3 years. Zero issues... its a bit noisy, but is sits outside so no drama. Easily fits 4 corny kegs on one side & I use the other side for packaged beer, wine etc. In terms of price point, my 2-door GD125 was close to what the super deluxe 2-door is going for now.
  2. stevonz

    High precision hydrometers

    PM sent
  3. stevonz

    High precision hydrometers

    Man I struggle with my current hydrometer... the eyes aren't what they used to be. I just leave for 1.5 - 2 weeks to ferment & keg. Haven't taken a FG reading in years. So, how much to post one to Brisbane?
  4. stevonz

    Brew gear 50l

    if it doesn't sell as a complete 3V setup... I'd be keen on the 50L kettle.
  5. stevonz

    LPG gas burner, malt mill, 48litre kettle, keggle

    I'll check with the minister of finance - I'm keen on a couple of items here.
  6. stevonz

    'battle Of The Toucans'

    No. Just safeguards against introducing an infection to you wort.
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    Brewing gear for sale Brisbane

    PM sent
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    'battle Of The Toucans'

    Wow that is more like a four can... looking for high gravity beer? Probably need 2 x packs of yeast to ferment that right out ?
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    Homebrew system for sale.

    location might help :cool:
  10. stevonz

    Full AG Setup (Brauduino) + Kegging gear - Gold Coast

    I've also passed onto a friend just starting out, to see if he's keen.
  11. stevonz

    Lots O Bottles - BNE

    LOL - not sure $83 will get you that far. Any other brew gear up for grabs?
  12. stevonz

    Recipe ideas for Coopers Dark Ale

    DDME = dry dark malt extract. The other fermentables are the coopers dark ale kit.
  13. stevonz

    Recipe ideas for Coopers Dark Ale

    Haha this old thread. Just put the Porter version in the fermenter