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  1. Steve@PMF82

    Hops For Sale

    Many PM received. Payment pending hops are gone. Cheers
  2. Steve@PMF82

    Hops For Sale

    More pellet hops that need to go to a good home where they might get used. Selling as ONE lot, $20 and they are all yours, including postage. Always stored in freezer and vac sealed. Weights are in the plastic bags, so actual hops will be a few gram less. First PM in wins. 2009 Cents 9% =...
  3. Steve@PMF82

    How Often Do You Replace Your Bag

    No, i still have my original pieces of voile used for grain, hops in the boil / fermenter ect. You do not need much bleach to get things white again. I only use the no rinse sanitiser strength of 1.6ml bleach / L water with 1.6ml of vinegar added after mixing. After a hot nappy san wash and...
  4. Steve@PMF82

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    BB 29/05/08 The things you find in peoples fridges.... Aroma = metallic / rusted mouse piss / cage Taste= Yes i did actually taste this ! :icon_vomit: Metallic , soapy and thin. It kinda has this engine degreaser smell in the taste but on a lower level. :icon_vomit: Top marks for clarity
  5. Steve@PMF82

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    I had a Puffing Billy the other day from a reputable bottle shop and while i thought it was quite tame, at the same time i found it to be clean in regards to any fermentation flaws, the malt character was enjoyable, enough bitterness to balance it. The smoke was only like a whiff on the...
  6. Steve@PMF82

    Sanitisation And Kegging

    The first few times i filtered soaking the filter in starsan beforehand i got the haze mentioned. I soak in starsan, flick as much of the excess out as possible, fill the housing with cooled boiled water ( a kettle full, boiled 5 or so times over 2days) Put filter in and push that out wih CO2...
  7. Steve@PMF82

    Building A Cpbf Without O2 Purge.

    I use the " poor mans" bottle filler method all the time. Works very well! Piece of tubing in the end of a picnic tap, to the bottom of the bottle with a rubber stopper at the top - to all the nay sayers yes it does work. Have you tried it? I give the bottle a good flush CO2 (20secs) prior to...
  8. Steve@PMF82

    R.i.p My Two Brewing Assistants

    Condolences, I know the feeling, they really are mans best mate...It guts you :chug:
  9. Steve@PMF82

    Whats In The Glass

    My house APA. Centennial, Amarillo Fresh, (pitched 3 weeks ago) hoppy, clean and crisp. Firm bitterness with just enough malt to hold it together. Stinking hot, it does not get much more refreshing than this.
  10. Steve@PMF82

    Can You Half Fill Kegs?

    Could not agree more, unless you want the flavour of your beer to go downhill very quickly.
  11. Steve@PMF82

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Had this in the fridge for the last 14 months or so...last luggage beer. All I can say is, its absolute bliss.
  12. Steve@PMF82

    Dry Hopping

    Try dry hopping at the start of fermentation with larger amounts. 5 to 7g hops / L. Leaves you with longer lasting aroma with no or very little gassiness. Ive done it with Centennial, Chinook, Falconers flight blend, simcoe, amarillo, styrian goldings, EKG. Some would think it a waste, but if...
  13. Steve@PMF82

    Re-hydrating Yeast Temperature Question

    I rehydrate according to the manufacturers instructions. The procedure / temps can vary for different yeasts / brands so i encourage anyone to look up the particular yeast you have. When my yeast is fully rehydrated i like to adjust the temp of the slurry over 10mins with 3 additions of wort...
  14. Steve@PMF82

    Yeast Sludge

    While there are much nicer liquid yeasts out there, I have never had a problem with US05. However, that is pitching 1 gram of dry yeast / L of wort, 1.5g for anything over 1060. Which from my own reading is common practice for the many many commercial breweries that use it without fail. Hits...
  15. Steve@PMF82

    Low Alcohol Tolerant Yeasts

    Going on from what labels said, have you tried using some LDME? The best bottled ciders (for my tastes) have been the ones i have used LDME and a tin a pear juice. Fermented with Wyeast cider they have finished 1006 - 1008 which is still dry, but not 1000 or less dry. Tin of pear juice and...