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    Theakstons Old Roger Recipe

    haaaaa Theakstons! Brings back memories of Lancashire (where I used to live).....definately recommend the Theakstons XB if anyone should be heading that way. Top Drop.!
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    750ml Longnecks

    I might just do that - cheers fella! Dont you just love ayatollahs!
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    Morgans Amber Ale

    I always put a D (for dreggs) on the cap of the last bottom filled - so I know which to look out for chunky bits!
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    Hydrometer Not Long Enough

    thanks for that!
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    Morgans Amber Ale

    I did a Morgans amber ale recently - and to date it has to be the best brew ive made. Brewed: 4.10.03 OG: 1041 Added Bits: 500gms dextrose 250gms dried corn syrup 500gms dried amber malt extract Fuggles hops (in a tea bag) Date bottled: 11.10.03 FG: 1013 its so young......but ive drunk the lot...
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    750ml Longnecks

    How much do you want...?
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    Esb Porter

    Are the ESB fresh wort kits usually very gritty? Put one down a while back but havent tastes it and theres definately a lot of floaties in the bottles.? Cheers
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    Hydrometer Not Long Enough

    Put a beer down last weekend - cant remember what - but couldnt get a true SG reading as the hydrometer was floating that high it was off the scale at the bottom (which is off the top of my head 1040 ish)......are there different kinds of hydrometer that are longer? Cheers
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    Bloody Flat Beer?

    johnno - try decantering it into a frozen jug and then into a frozen pint glass! - Always helps me