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    Act Abc Results 2011

    Jayse, Im still around, just having a year or two away from competitions. By the way all the best to all the participants that managed to get to Adelaide, I am sure the SA boyz will put on a great event.
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    Ahb Merch.. Again.. Simple Really!

    1 XLarge Black Tee Cheers Craig
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    Adventurous Randall Stuffings.

    The Randalls are very well made (cause I made them) :beerbang: , its great to see that craft brewers are always trying new things. The current design has been the same for some time now and one that looks impressive sitting on a bar. Currently we have sent one in NZ and one heading over to...
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    Mornington Peninsula Brewery

    Not the Wig & Pen they have 14 beers on tap, the IPA is hand pumped
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    My two last place beer were entered in the wrong style, funny how a Double shot espresso stout tastes nothing like a fruit beer. As Forest said in the movie SHIT HAPPENS
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    Help With Repice For Dsseldorf Altbier All Grain

    Try this, it has won heaps of ribbons 25L 80% 42IBU Munich 1 3.30kg Galaxy 1.80kg Black malt 0.14kg Pacific Hallertau 5.5% 58g 60min Hallertau Aroma 6% 6g 10min Hallertau Aroma 6% 6g 0 min Mash 63-64C 1007 yeast ferment cool 14 -15C Hope this helps
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    Apa Help

    WOW, this is very high, remember most of the flavour is produced in the first 6 hours. Personally I would never pitch that high but thats just me, check the gravity at that temp and good healthy yeast it might be finished. May have a little green apple though.
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    For Sale - 110l Stainless Steel Kettles

    Having seen these first hand they are fantastic quality, I have only recently upgraded my setup If I hadnt I would be grabbing one for sure.
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Ross, was only thinking about the myself yesterday, I will ask Charles if he has any results. Craig
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    It's great to see passionate craft brewers, this is truly a wonderful thing. My statement was about the nationals being the three best beers from each state, all very good beer. To win at a national level or to even place it must be better than very good, it must be exceptional. One of our very...
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    "A good beer can score at state level, but it must be exceptional to score in the Nats." I think you hit the nail on the head. CRaig
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Just a quick update, After a very successful 2009 AABC I have had to do some real work to catch-up. I will be sending the remainder of the trophies out hopefully next week, so hang tight. I would like to send a warm thank you to all that attended the event in Canberra and hope you all had a...
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    Just a reminder to all brewers that are coming down to Canberra for the up coming nationals, if you are planning on coming to club night you will need to register with me. There is a cost of $30-, this will get you a cocktail dinner and great craft beer. Caig
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    G'Day brewing brothers and sisters, this time next week we will be well an truly into the 2009 AABC. Most of you are arriving on the Thursday so we thought it would be a good idea to have a meet and greet on Thursday night, we have reserved some tables at a local beer caf for your pleasure...
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    Australian Pale Ale

    If Andrew's Australian Pale ale recipe above is the same as the one in the Qld comp, it is outstanding. I was lucky enough to judge it and gave it 44pts, true to style and a bloody good (great) beer. Craig