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    Airlocks in ferm fridge

    **** me jyo
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    PHBS (Perth home brew share)

    I will find out dents will ring the orchards to day find out price and avalibilaty
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    PHBS (Perth home brew share)

    I am there who whants to go to rollystone and get windfall apples
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    PHBS (Perth home brew share)

    cool trip up to rolystone me thinks
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    PHBS (Perth home brew share)

    ok dents when can i come round to use it
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    Vale EXP #007 Goldfinger, Perth?

    na mate I dont know but it sound nice
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    HELP- Crown seal capping on screw top bottles

    it should work fine you might have to spin the bottle a few times and press the cap on with the capper
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    Processing Olives

    I would wash and rebrine a batch I did got this last year and made them very soft
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    Replacement sensor for stc 1000

    Pm you address I have a spare one you can have
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    Beer tap handles

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    Beer tap handles

    Twoc in biralake has em
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    Smoking Meat...

    Good work John