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    Cider questions

    My initial idea was boil the fresh juice to kill anything in there and backsweeten with erythritol but was told that affects the quality and flavour of the juice.
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    Cider questions

    G'day guys, Couple of hopefully quick apple cider questions. I recently got a press and was real keen to use some of my mates apples to create a cider. I assumed it would be as straight forward as replacing the mangrove jack apple concentrate water mix with real apple juice. I was at a home...
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    Any Other Hobbies?

    Hunting, gardening, eating what I hunt and grow in my garden, photography, writing about the aforementioned activities. Pretty much sums me up
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    Sparkling ale yeast

    G'day guys, Been going through a crazy year, did up the old house and sold it, bought a new house and doing it up, had a baby and the list goes on. So I'm finally getting a chance to brew my first beer of the year, got 3 lined up and had a question about my sparkling. I'm using danstar...
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    Which beersmith?

    Ahk that makes sense, I'll buy it tonight. Cheers for the help gents
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    Which beersmith?

    The only benefit I'm interested in is the 125 stores recipes over the 15 of the basic one. The other stuff I'm indifferent to. What do you do when you've maxed out recipes?
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    Which beersmith?

    Tossing up whether it's worth jumping from the once off basic setup of beersmith to the gold. If the gold was a once off it'd be a no brainer but $50 a year seems steep. Old me I ouldn't care but with two mortgages and a baby very near I just don't have money to be shovelling out like I used to...
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    Condensed brews

    Haha that I could do but he's my best mate so I'll tough it out. Thanks for the replies though all. Not really convincing me it's worth doing though.
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    Condensed brews

    My brewing "partner" finally joined me for his first brew a week ago. All he has done since is complain that the amount of effort for the volume of beer we get out of our 30 litre guten isn't worth the effort. I obviously see differently but that's besides the point. I have been wondering...
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    Beer can chicken

    Did a beer can chicken tonight, good eats!
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    From the Bush

    Shredded venison shoulder tacos
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    Article on rain water tank safety

    Of course people in the industry don't want you drinking it, they lose a lot of money by not being able to monopolize an essential service like water so scare tactics like this is what they resort to. I'll never forget my boss telling me when I started working for a water Corp that any time...
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    Draft strategy proposes radical plan to boost booze prices

    Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with curbing binge drinking. Similar to the alcopop tax it's just a justification to throw out because they want a bigger cut in tax. If they were that concerned with people's health alcohol and cigarettes would've banned. Or similar to places in the NT...
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    NZ IPA

    Yeah I put all the grain, hops and yeast into a basket and it was a little over $70. If I can nearly halve that I'd be wrapped!