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    Inkbird Giveaway on Heating Pad for Home Brewing Seedling Reptile Fish

    Yes please! Finally, some decent temp control!
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    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    @Keg King Im keen on some temp control also, i had enquired here a while back about the Thermenter King i think its called, the peltier system, but never got around to contacting you directly, any word on this, is it released yet? Thanks
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    Temperature controlled fermenting

    I gather these are still in development and/or not available yet? Ive seen them mentioned a few times on the forum but cant find any more information on them anywhere. Do you know, Is it likely weeks or months away? Any other details? Thanks
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    Induction brewing... anyone doing it? What induction element do you use.

    It sounds like you're after something more than me but i can share my experience. I only boil about 6L for an extract brew and use an induction element that was only something like $50 on ebay, i find it takes a fair while to get it up to a boil. It has a whole heap of cooking settings like...
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    Kaffir lime ginger beer.

    Very early in my brewing days i made something and put a kaffir lime leaf or two in each bottle, i suspect it may have been something along the lines of a corona. It didnt turn out as expected at all, smelled and even tasted somewhat like Rose water, not terrible, just not what i was going for.
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    Western Victoria Brewery road trip

    Not an exhaustive list by any means but heres a few, heading in an easterly direction: Forrest Brewery - In the Otway ranges, a side trip from the Great Ocean road Prickley Moses - In a similar area but they have a brew pub at Apollo Bay and i think Queenscliff where they serve their beers...
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    I asked at Grain and Grape on the weekend as they had one sitting in the shop, they said they were struggling to get them from Keg King, something about Keg King having supply issues.
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    Keg King kegerator series 4

    A few places I've spoken to in last few days are waiting on delivery of stock
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    Portable single keg set-up

    I have set up what was essentially a bin with ice and foam collars to sit on the ice around a corny, thus keeping the ice a little longer without needing to fill the bin. This was only for an afternoon though, how have others found carbonation levels with something similar for a longer period of...
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    Ahb Wiki: The No-chiller Method / Using A Cube

    The link to the article doesnt seem to work, can somone point me in the direction of it now? Cheers
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    When do I put it in the ground?

    Hi guys, just wondering if there is any difference in dealing with a hop plant opposed to rhizome? Saw some at a nursery in Melbourne on the weekend and couldn't say no! Cheers
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    Mangrove Jack's craft series worth the extra $$$?

    Found this thread after searching, not sure if anyone else has used the "Robbers Gold" kit yet? I had a mate's bbq to make some beer for so splashed out on the box, but it turned out incredibly bitter. Im not sure that its supposed to be this bitter, it even leaves a "taste" in your throat...
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    Just in case anyone needs a bit of inspiration.... http://pornburger.me/ PS this is family friendly
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    Beer waitress, Ballarat area?

    Gday all, first of all, if this is inappropriate, please feel free to delete the post, i just thought id give it a try..... Many of you im sure have come up against the same dilemma im sure, im organising a bucks show for a mate and need some assistance. At this stage we are thinking the...