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    Coopers pale ale with coopers euro lager yeast.

    Think i will treat it as a pale ale then and keg asap then use yeast to put into euro lager.
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    Coopers pale ale with coopers euro lager yeast.

    So i found myself in a situation where i have pitched a lager yeast into a pale ale. Sitting at 19c waiting for signs of life before i drop to probably 15c. I am guessing i should treat this brew as a lager from here on. Dry hop some saaz at fg crash chill etc. Has anyone done can o pale ale...
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    Rookie mistake.

  4. Silver

    Rookie mistake.

    Was that 1kg DME for 23 ltr batch?
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    Rookie mistake.

    23 ltrs
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    Rookie mistake.

    yep 23 ltr. thanks. finished at 1004.
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    Rookie mistake.

    Been a while since i last brewed a beer and decided i'd ease back into a routine with a kit and kilo. Coopers aussie pale ale and 1 kg dextrose. I neglected to take an OG reading. If anyone has a reading for this, be much appreciated. Have searched interweb for last 2 days, no luck. Thanks in...
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    How long is grain good for?

    So I've had a fair spell from brewing and think I might crank up the urn again. Was wondering what is the longest people have had a sack of grains sitting around and still made a good brew with it.
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    Debunking the raw food fraud/diet

    OK, won't get you started but seeing how someone mentioned it, I have a mate at work who is pushing Paleo and now anti-gluten. I have always been a big believer in everything in moderation. Anyhow does paleo have any adverse effects on the average Joe?
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    2124 - accidental purchase- steam ale?

    I used 2124 and NB hops and made a very nice steam beer. I can't recall what grains i used but it would have been very basic. fermented at 18C
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    Keg Leak Troubleshooting - Regulators for Dummies

    Can you put a plastic bag over your reg, expel most of the air and seal bag with tape or rubber band. If bag doesn't expand you'll know your reg is OK. Process of elimination.
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    Sth Island NZ AG Brewers.

    Sorry if this post should be somewhere else. My brother lives in Geraldine, south island NZ and is hoping to see someone do an AG brew. He does his own spirits but also likes a tasty beer and would like to have a crack at it. If anyone can help out would be great. Cheers Silver
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    Cleaning Pet Bottles

    I used to triple rinse with warm to hot water, as soon as it was emptied then fill with cold tap water, secure lid while gently squeezing bottle to expel air. My theory was any chemicals added to the drinking water to keep it and me safe should also protect my bottle. Used to get 3 cycles per...
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    Clearing Cider

    Googled a bit and found SFA info regarding clearing cider with gelatine. Does anyone clear their ciders?