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    Hobart Brewers next meeting & subforum

    Hey Brewtas, I'm really keen to come along to the meeting next week. Is it cool to just turn up on the night or is there some sort of signup process? I think it's fantastic that you've set this thing up btw. Mule
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    Blichmann Hop Rocket

    That' s encouraging. I was tempted to give this a try myself but was worried about blockages given my gravity feed from limited height. I guess if there are more flowers than pellets in the mix then you might get away with it. It's a good strategy if you can't get one of the hops you want in...
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    Blichmann Hop Rocket

    Yep, use a 30 plate chiller. Setup is: 40L crown urn on benchtop -> hoprocket (on floor) -> plate chiller (on floor)-> fermenter (on floor) The hoprocket and the chiller sit in a plastic tub on the floor next to each other in case there's a leak. I sanitise it in the same tub initially, so it's...
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    Blichmann Hop Rocket

    FWIW, I've used the hoprocket 3 times now. All gravity fed, with only 900mm of height. No trouble with flow rate. I was a liitle anxious the 1st time and only used 40g of flowers, and was half expecting to have to hoist up my urn to give it some more grunt. On my last ale I cranked it up to 80 g...
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    Homebrewery Downsizing Sale (VIC)

    I'll take the filter for $60. PM sent.
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Cheers Andrew, thanks for the welcome :) Yeah, I can't wait to try kegging. I think I'm going to learn a lot from this forum. I'm really happy with BIAB. BIAB in an urn really does make AG a snap. Brew day is not really any shorter, but it's certainly simpler and let's me multitask in...
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hi everyone, I've been brewing on and off for about 7years now. I've got back into all grain again after a few years hiatus (kids, exams and work got in the way). I discovered BIAB this year using a 40L crown urn, which has really made brewing so much easier compared to my old dodgy brothers...