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    Arc Welding

    I found using 'satincraft' rods made life a lot easier for me. I'm not sure what's different about them but, i found it made striking the arc and getting going much easier. They just seemed to not stick so easily. These rods have a blue coloured flux coating. Cheers, Andy
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    When To Pitch A Starter?

    PoMo, Mine was 16months old and I still got another one in the fridge as well. There was no activity at all for the first 24Hrs. I probably should have started small and stepped it up to a litre but, it's powering away now on the brew I put down last night. How old is your sample?
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    When To Pitch A Starter?

    Thanks POL, Knew I could count on you. That's all I needed, It will be pitched inside an hour. Thanks again, Andy
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    When To Pitch A Starter?

    Hi guys, I've got a WLP001 starter going that was a bit old and took a while to get going. It's now at 48Hrs and appears to be at high krausen. Does this look ready to pitch or should I give it another 24Hrs? When is the best time to pitch, at high krausen or after it's fermented out? Cheers...
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    Partial Mash Starter

    I agree Kungy, I avoid aeration until the temp gets down to under about 26deg What sort of 'off' taste do you get from aeration? Is that a 'grassy' taste? Cheers, Andy
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    Partial Mash Starter

    Hi POL Is 'Hot side aeration' an issue here? with all the straining through colanders and splashing of hot wort etc. Is this something that needs to be minimised? Cheers, Andy
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    Wrap Up: Sydney Ahb Pub Crawl 2005

    An excellent day/evening. It was great to meet up an match a few names to faces. Got home at 1:30 after catching the last Manly ferry, then missed the last bus and ended up walking about 5km home (All the taxis were going the other way) I was a bit dissapointed not getting into the Lord...
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    Are You Coming To The Ahb Sydney Pub Crawl ?

    I survived.... sort of! It was a great night, tried some great beers We had a good turn out, there were around 17 of us. We managed to get to all the pubs bar one.... The Lord Nelson. The doorman reconed there was a 'private function' on, I think that was [email protected]!& and he didn't like the look...
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    New To The Homebrew Scene

    Welcome Oddball, I think it's important to keep things fairly simple for your first brew. Follow the instructions for the kit, don't worry about it too much, rely on the hydrometer readings and don't worry about if it's 'bubbling' or not. Keep the temperature as close to 20 deg as you can...
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    Ahb Gremlins?

    Yep! Received one as well from Dane dated 21/10/04 today about the beer glasses that I never received before. Thought it was my ISP's mail server at first but, it seems I'm not alone.
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    I thought molasses was just black treacle? (available in most supermarkets)
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    Merry Xmas To All The Ahb Members

    Merry Christmas fellow AHB'ers, Hope you spend some quality time with your families (specialy the little ones). Stay off the roads! Thanks for everything you have all taught me over the past year. Relax and have a brew, Andy
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    Co2 Extinguisher

    Hi pumpy, I have a 3.5kg extinguisher too. \ This is my understanding of the required procedures; The first thing you need to do is get a regulator to fit it It's going to cost you about $90 You dont have to drain the CO2 in the extinguisher but because its got a dip tube fitted, you`ve got to...
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    Young & Jackson's Melbourne

    I used to have a pub like that that had special memories because my dad and I used to drink there. I went back a few years ago and they had stuffed it up with palm tree pot plants, polished aluminium chairs and poker machines. Such a shame, it used to have a nice friendly pub atmosphere.
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    Increasing Thickness/body Of Beer

    An easy way is to drop the batch size down a bit, make up to 18-19Ltrs instead of 23. Adding more malt will both increase body and alcohol. It all depends on what style you are after too.