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    STC-1000 output to a computer?

    Easiest would be Arduino or Raspberry Pi + DS18B20 sensor (loads on evilbay), there are libs for this sensor and it's fairly easy to get going if you've had some coding experience.
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    BIAB Pulley System - Aldi $7.99

    i would think the 20kg limit is based on the assumption you are attaching to plasterboard and not solid timber
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    Wanted: bottles in Melbourne

    Just recycled about 60 longies ... might have another 30 sitting in a crate, I'll take a look.
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    Electric brew rigs... Pondering

    The infamous KK 2200W screw in element boils 30L but not rolling unless you can insulate really well.
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    MS Office 2013 Special

    Unless you're doing complex documents (in which case Word is crap) or HUGE spreadsheets (Excel too slow) google docs or skydrive docs does it all, the latter I believe can even open doc and xls files... and it's all free and in the cloud.
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    MS Office 2013 Special

    Not even worth 15c !!!
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    Cider Not Attenuating - Safale S04

    If you like it sweet and happy with the lower ABV you could bottle and pasteurise or kill the yeast some other way. Never tried that method personally as I just keg it when it's around 1.020 to slow the yeast right down.
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    Styrian Goldings & Amarillo.....

    I've got a simple english pale ale on top now with Styrian, Amarillo and Cascade... it's a winner, even my mother in law enjoyed it and that's saying something!! Around 30IBU, with a mix of hops late in the boil. Might depend on the crop of Amarillo... 2-3 years back from memory it was really...
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    Coopers vs Notto

    I would aim for a 1L starter at approx 1.040 , but it will probably still be ok with something smaller. Can pitch it all at high krausen or decant and pitch... don't stress it'll still make beer.
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    Air Con 3 phase vs 1 phase Help sparkies

    I'm only paying 21c / kWH ... even then we use the A/C sparingly!! Fan and cold beers work pretty well..,
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    Dry hop matter blocking keg liquid post ...

    Had the same experience, 150g cube hopped... even after a decent time in primary and CC I still managed to get hops in the keg. After several beer out post cleans... I gave up and just settled on a very slow pour. Mind you the hop flavour is awesome....
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    how to make a sweeter cider?

    Few options -use LME instead of dex (never tried) -back sweeten with juice post fermentation (will need to kill yeast with heat or chemical means) -chill when at desired gravity... i did this recently... once 1.020 i kegged at 2C and force carb - could possibly ferment further but not likely...
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    How long for another Melbourne Grain buy?

    Has been as low as $40 for JW Pils/Ale ... so $1.60/kg $60 odd for Marris or equivalent
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    Weirdest beers in America

    If you're looking for some inspiration for an experimental brew...
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    Not enough gluten in the flour?? I used the Defiance bread flour... it's high protein like the "OO" stuff you get at supermarkets. My dough is always on the wet side so I get fluffy soft edges. Less water gives a crustier edge.