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    Buying or setting up an electric boil kettle

    Crown Urn ? Mine is now my HLT but still do single batches ( BIAB) in it now and again, especially kettle sours. Works as a kettle fine.
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    CO2 Bottle testing

    Check with your local fire extinguisher provider. I get my lpg bottles ( fibreglass ones) checked and certified and CO2 filled/certified with mine, down at Burleigh.
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    Brisbane grain bulk buy April 2018

    Just in time ! 1: Brewno Marz: 1xTFMO, 1xBB Ale, 1xWey Bo Pils, 1/2 x Wey Munich I, 1/2 x Wey Munich II, 1xWey Vienna 2: Samuel Adams: 2x BB Ale, 1x TFMO, 1x Wey Pils, 1/2x BB Wheat 3: Foxie: 1/2 BB Wheat 4: Plyplema: 1x BB Ale, 1xGF Pilsner, 1x GF Munich, 1x GF Vienna, 1/2 x BB Wheat 5...
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    Not China or Russia

    Many years ago driving to an Australian surf life saving titles in Sydney ( from the Gold Coast ) , we were surprised to see our surf boat, still attached to the tow bar, overtake us. It somehow missed all the oncoming traffic, before venturing off the road and rolling multiple times. Few broken...
  5. seamad

    DIY Kegmenter

    With the low angle, I can't see the point in putting a valve on the bottom of a keg, It's not going to work like a conical. I thought of putting a triclamp gate valve and then a sight glass to collect yeast, with the aid of some regular rubber malleting to encourage the yeast down, but the...
  6. seamad

    Spike brewing conical fermenters unitanks

    Hubert, how are you cooling yours ? I'm thinking of the 10, have an old glycol chiller sitting around doing nothing, was thinking of using it with the centre cooling coil.
  7. seamad

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Whingers... I've had to put up with the MIL/FIL at my partners step sisters Christmas party last weekend, then have to back up again with them on Christmas day.
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    Building stuff in the shed

    Should launch next year ( don't know how many years I've said that ), finished spraying the 3 sleeping cabins this week, almost ready to do saloon/galley and head/shower next. The only thing left to make are the booms. Had the masts professionally made by a mates brother, 14.5m carbon unstayed...
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    Building stuff in the shed

    A little slower than I planned on, but getting there.
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    Building stuff in the shed

    Feldon, maybe councils universally don't like people building boats in sheds , this is my little project with shed removal in progress. What I find a little odd is they have no problem with the boat being there, just the shed.
  11. seamad

    Building stuff in the shed

    The council made me get rid of my 10 year old shed. Given it was a temporary shed ( 14m X 9m and 4.5m high) built out of gal pipe and a tarp for walls and roof that was only supposed to be there for a year I can't complain too much.
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    Electric v Gas

    I've got an all electric rig, 15 amp RIMS. Preboil kettle volume about 56l. Have 2 over the side 10 amp elements, usually turn them down to 90-95% once boil reached . Kettle is fully insulated ( glued on black foam rated to 120C iirc). Don't whirlpool anymore, use brewbrite, at end of boil take...
  13. seamad

    Saison season is here. What's your best recipe?

    Raspberry Saison for Xmas OG 1.040 Weyermann : Pale Pilsner 62% Pale Wheat 25% Acid Malt 3% Simpsons: Golden Naked Oats 10% Ca ( chloride and gypsum mash only) to 100ppm Mash : 54/10;62/30;70/30;76/15 Boil 70min Calypso to 12 ibu @60 min Wyeast...
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    A grope among the gum trees.

    The two bricklayers are on equal terms , completely different to someone in a position of power saying it.
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    What are you brewing in 2017 ?

    Haven't brewed in a while, no beers on tap, family at my place for Xmas, time to pull the finger out. My system is a double batch, normally my brother helps out and we do 2 brews on a brewday so 4 cubes so we get 2 kegs each. Didn't have time for a double today, so did a base beer with some...