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    Article On Kegerators In Wired Magazine

    check these out: link. link.
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    Ross @ Craftbrewer

    I wouldn't be surprised if Ross delivered my hops before I ordered them! ;)
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    Mountain Goat Hightail Ale - Ag Recipe Suggestion?

    I brewed the recipe below recently, and it came out pretty close to Hightail I think. Compared side by side, the colours were identical, mine had a little more body and maltiness, and lacked detectable roastiness, owing to the absence of any roast malt or roast barley in my recipe. Mine also...
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    Natural Beer

    To my mind they are not so much "lying", but simply blowing there own trumpets about doing something that any decent brewer would be doing anyway. It's rather like the labels on vegetable oil in the supermarket that say "100% cholesterol free" - of course it is there's no cholesterol in plant...
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    One Base Grain And One Hop

    I've done this a few times with good results: JW Pils + Hersbrucker JW Trad Ale + Northdown Marris Otter + Northdown Simple, but nice beers. Great way to get a feel for the flavours of particular ingredients.
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    Melbourne - Grain Bulk Buy Sept 08

    1/ Haysie, 1x J/W Trad Ale, 1x Weyerman Vienna, 1x Weyerman Dark Munich, 1 x Marris Otter 2. RobW, 1x Marris Otter, 1x Weyermann Pilsner 3. Hairofthedog 1x JW Wheat , 1x Weyerman Pilsner , 1x JW Trad Ale 4. Chris Taylor 1 x JW Wheat, 1 x JW Pils, 1 x JW Trad Ale 5. Arthur 1 x JW Pilsner, 1 x JW...
  7. scrogster Of Charge

    Hopefully I'll drop in next time I'm in the 'bool! Free yeast is good yeast :) .
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    Grain Mills + Stones/rocks In Grain?

    Strangely enough the only stone I ever had in some malt was also in Maris Otter. Only one tiny stone (small pea size), and I was cranking the mill by hand, so no damage done.
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    Cube Crisis - The Great Mix Up!

    Welcome to the forum Bucko. Cube: A cube-shaped, food-grade plastic container used to store homebrew in, usually for secondary fermentation or lagering/cold conditioning. Same thing you put your drinking water in when you go camping.... You can get them at Bunnings, Rays Outdoors, Aussie...
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    Bats In The House!

    Haven't had this problem myself, but you should be really careful handling bats - in rare cases they can carry a deadly virus (lyssavirus). You need to be bitten/scratched to catch it, and it is very rare, but you should be careful all the same. Bat Lyssa Virus
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    Wort Aeration With Paint Stirrer

    I just "borrow" one of the beaters from SWMBO's cake mixer, and put it in the chuck of my cordless drill. Cake beaters are usually stainless, so can easily be sterilized.
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    Substitute For Flaked Barley

    You can often get flaked grains (wheat, barley, spelt, triticale, oats etc) at health food shops. They are different sort of product to the proper brewer's flaked barley, but you can mash them without any problems.
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    Infection Via Tap

    To keep my taps clean after taking gravity samples etc, I have a "steam dream" style steam cleaning appliance. Fire it up and blast the inside of the tap with hot steam after sampling. I always do this before racking or bottling as well.
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    Computer Fan - Really Loud?

    Nearly $30 for a computer fan? Don't you guys have annual hard rubbish collection out your way? Walking up and down the street stripping bits from abandoned computers should yield you a load of perfectly good computer fans for nix.
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    Favorite Brewery Tour

    This one in Savonlinna, Finland was great. Tiny brewery in a restaurant/pub. Friendly brewers who broke out some bottles of their special Sahti (Finnish unboiled, unhopped rye-ale, fermented with bread yeast) to share. Monteith's brewery...