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    Bungendore Show Public Homebrew Judging and Tasting - Jan 27

    Brewers, The 2016 Bungendore Show will be held on Sunday 31 January at the Showground, Bungendore NSW, just outside Canberra. All brewers, especially those from that end of the creek, are welcome to enter the Homebrew section. It's a great little country show with an eclectic range of entries...
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    Rheem Relief Valve replacement

    Thanks Russ, great tip. You just saved me $30 :) Cheers Tony
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    Crab Apple Cider

    Hiyez, I've go this year's cider batch in primary so I'm finding this an interesting thread. I used 2l of crab apple juice from our 3 year old tree and the rest wildings from the paddock next door - nice acidic little (free!) apples. I have had really good results using Pink Ladies in the past...
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    Apple Cider

    The best cider I ever made was with just the wild yeast on the apples. Doesn't always work (feeling lucky? :rolleyes: ) but when it does its the best you'll taste. In the interests of not making vinegar though I wouldn't mind trying the Wyeast version...
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    Mashmaster Mill Design

    The idea of 3 roller mills is that you get a consistent crush without ripping up your husk too much - the more intact it is the better it is for filtering the mash. From the Crankandstein site: Q. How does the 3-roller work? What is the advantage? A. The 3-roller mill has several...
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    Aabc Results Are Up

    Apologies to any I have missed - why not introduce yourself? One more here - I took second in British ales. Cheers all, :party: Tony S Schooie might have a beer tonight...