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  1. Schikitar

    Grain Mill

    Rye is definitely a challenge, think I'll be buying flaked rye in the future.. ;)
  2. Schikitar

    Grain Mill

    Oh man, I missed that, was that recent? Damn. I just got the standard 3 roller, not the MaltZilla, that thing has got issues!
  3. Schikitar

    Grain Mill

    I was going to buy the KK 3 roller but it's out of stock and I'm on a schedule so I ended up getting the KL one, hopefully it goes just as well. If you wet condition grain does the gap need to be tighter, the same or larger?
  4. Schikitar

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Any movement on the replacement TILT devices yet? Not in a rush, just curious.. also, will these likely integrate with Brewfather?
  5. Schikitar

    What are you brewing 2020

    I just brewed something very similar, I was going for more of an American porter. Had a fairly difficult brew day as even though I wet conditioned the grain it was a bit too much for my BZ and hence efficiency took a big hit (was meant to be coming out at 6.4% but looking more like 5.5%). Had...
  6. Schikitar

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Same mate, I'm in Tas and it's really frustrating when you can't get that one push-in fitting or one particular hop to complete that order for the next brew. Actually, I don't even bother with ingredients anymore, just some equipment (as it's hard to get in Tas).. I get ingredients from my LHBS...
  7. Schikitar

    What to do with these hops....

    Yeah 23L here for me as well..
  8. Schikitar

    What to do with these hops....

    I agree with this, I only included because 100g of hops in an APA isn't going to cut it. Alternatively, you could do a hoppy porter or cascadian dark ale, fuggles works really well in darker beers. That's not to say you couldn't use it in a pale, I've not personally done that..
  9. Schikitar

    What to do with these hops....

    Well it does in terms of the amounts, for sure, I think 150g is on the light side personally but I like hoppy beers so I'm not sure if our expectations align! ;) Here's the hop schedule (250g total - 33 IBU) I used on a pale I brewed very recently (infact I'm due to do the dry hop today and may...
  10. Schikitar

    What to do with these hops....

    ~10g Simcoe @ 60 mins ~10g ea Fuggles/Cascade @ 10 mins ~10g ea Fuggles/Cascade @ 5 mins ~10g ea Fuggles/Cascade/Simcoe @ Whirlpool/Aroma ~30g Simcoe @ Dry Hop ~20g ea Fuggles/Cascade @ Dry Hop ..or something like that 🤔 not sure what your AA%'s, grain bill or volumes are so you might need to...
  11. Schikitar

    First Post Confused with fermentation temperatures

    Hey mate, the guys/gals have covered most things off here, I remember when I started I really struggled with temp control but then I spent $80 on an old fridge (that's still working great!) that I could keep the fermenter in, effectively becoming a fermentation chamber. This greatly helps to...
  12. Schikitar

    Flat beer

    Maybe just take two bottles and add one more drop to one and two drops to another, recap and see where they end up compared to an original bottle after a week or so. If either is better then apply that across your batch..
  13. Schikitar


    I think if I had my time again, I'd buy two all rounders and KISS. I rarely remove the bottom jar on my FZ just because I'm worried I won't get it sealed back up nicely again mid-fermentation or whatever. When dry-hopping through there it would always dump trub on top and I'd end up having to...
  14. Schikitar

    Black IPA

    150g of hops in a black IPA? I used nearly 165g hotside in a pale ale I brewed yesterday, that includes 100g in the whirlpool but doesn't include the 115g of dry hops I'll be throwing at it (265g total). My sense of smell/taste must be diminished if you can manage to get anything in IPA...