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    April 13th 2014 long jetty meet

    Hi guys Determined to get to this one with a clovey wheat.Gotta get hold of duane and get some yeast in.Is he still getting wyeasts in?
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    Vacuum Sealer For Hops

    got one of these,works great on the cheap shop Asian mason type jars.No bags!!!!!!!
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    Another Keg Mash Tun Build

    Are you using a pump?I found with such a setup after an hours mash,anything that gets through your false bottom/manifold will clog the outlet tube/pipe.all the shit settles at the lowest point .with a pump it'll suck through,tho without,you need to blow back up through the ball valve to...
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    Keg Help Please

    You could unscrew the post pull the tube out,blast it with hose,sanitise it and reinsert it.
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    Stirring Water In Hlt

    Stir the bloody thing with a spoon
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    Calling All Central Coast Brewers

    A great day had at the weekends meet.Next planned for 16th december to coincide with the case swap.!
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    Electrical Loads

    Just to clarify,What size circuit breakers are supplying the circuits to the shed? I ask this cause 10 amp power circuits is not the norm. Old school the norm was 16 amp rewirable fuses.these days most use 20amp circuit breakers for power it a mixed light and power circuit at...
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    What Napisan Is Napisan?

    Napisan as we know it is a nappy/clothes is a granulated white washing powder additive , used as a stubborn stain soaker/remover.contains sodium per carbonate as active ingredient.I'm sure you have similar products marketed under various name.
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    Meeting Sunday 14th October

    Meeting proposed,sunday 19th october,2pm.Check your email for more info.
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    Show Us Your Brew Cave

    nice bar... hotdogs and a side of fries with ketchup wouldn't be ouuta place there
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    Sodium Percarbonate Surfactant?

    where did you get it from mate?got a contact number?
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    Dry Yeast Cell Count

    as a guide mr malty and those fellas pitching rates seem to work,dosent it? well does for me..great info provided tho.