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  1. rude

    Aussie vs German

  2. rude

    Pressurised fermentation

    I use a picnic tap to take a sample It foams up but I just wait for the foam and bubbles to subside and like FD said use a hydrometer Pretty quick turn around but for me I don't rush 10 days for ales 14 for lagers (34/70 ) I usually ferment at 5 psi then crank it up at the end but if I miss...
  3. rude

    Sweet beers

    You could try a Munich Dunkel which is a nice lager that's not hop driven Also try Tettnanger hops which a really like
  4. rude

    Keg King S/Steel Uni tank

    Nice one was it the Brewtech Chronical BME one ? What size did you go for ? How much pressure does it hold ? Sorry for questions just jealous thats all
  5. rude

    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    Normally the copper and solder is covered with resin to stop it oxidising
  6. rude

    Need advice on RO Filters

    Well I have had the opposite since using R/O water my FG has gone up a touch and thats with yeast nutrient but only pouring cube in to the fermenter no O2 Having said that I wouldn"t go back to my tap water as it is high in Na and cl2 !004 you say ? is that with a saison yeast at 30°c mashed...
  7. rude

    Yeast Process Validation & Yeast Storage Limitations

    The size of the starter depends on viability of the yeast So using an online yeast calculator , the date of the pkt ,size of the wort , specific gravity will tell you what size starter to use As for storing the yeast the viability goes down pretty quickly fresh is best in my opinion I ferment...
  8. rude

    Rehydrating dry yeast: what to look for.

    I rehydrate my dry yeast, just did one MJ 15 x2 pkts in 1050 23 L wort Don't want to start the for and against debate its just the way I roll When I do it I use filtered tap water boiled for 15 mins then into a cool bath of water in the sink Sprinkle the yeast when the water reaches 35c...
  9. rude

    1v recirc - return arm suggestions

    Sounds good Chap a few pics would be nice as you go Especially of your malt pipe Cheers Rude
  10. rude

    Acidulated malt ?

    It would be good if you had a ph meter then you could check where you are at then add some acid malt next time to lower it 20 mins into mash take a sample cool to room temp and check Ph makes a difference to the finished beer Plenty of water calculators out there I like and use Brun
  11. rude

    The Brewer Who Quit Drinking Beer

    Give up the bread for a year and I bet you’ll lose weight
  12. rude

    Devastated - fermenter leapt out of the fridge and split its guts everywhere

    You poor bastard If loosing youre beer wasnt bad enough now you have to look at it while you clean it up OH straw maybe