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  1. rowanb

    Andale Snaplok celli adaptor

    bump - in case not seen. No reply from Andale so far.
  2. rowanb

    Andale Snaplok celli adaptor

    Hi all, I saw the following item in the Andale equipment. Any idea what this would be for. Since it is in the 'below bar' section, I assume it wouldn't be for fitting a tap to a font. 0020111 SNAPLOK CELLI ADAPTOR
  3. rowanb

    Molson Coors coming to Griffith

    Article from this morning's Sydney Morning Herald OCTOBER 02, 2013 - 3:00 AM ARTICLE 15 OF 20 Froth and bubble: John Casella, from grapes to hops. Photo: Paul Harris Coke gears up for its new brew venture ELI GREENBLAT The first tankers of beer from US brewer Molson Coors have been dispatched...
  4. rowanb

    Braumeister Problem

    Just had this problem this morning and the suggestion fixed it right away. Thanks Mark
  5. rowanb

    Late Hop Additions. Flameout Vs Whirlpool.

    Interesting related discussion over at homebrewtalk How to get the best hop aroma from flameout additions
  6. rowanb

    Coopers Stout At The Petersham Inn

    Hi all - it's been on tap for a wee while now but worth a reminder. The Petersham Inn (Sydney, Parramatta Rd, not far from the Norton St turnoff to Leichhardt ) has coopers stout on tap. They tell me they sell at least twice as much of this as the previous dark, so I hope it stays around...
  7. rowanb

    Collared Keezer Build

    Hi Jurt - I'm also planning a collar for my freezer, so can't yet offer any 'wish I'd done X differently' advice. Here's an example of a collar that isn't attached to either the freezer lid or body. rowan
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