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    Stuck Lid

    Careful you dont get a yeast infection ;) :lol: :lol:
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    Caffeine In Beer?

    Would adding coffee to the bottling bucket be much different to a few coffee beans into a mash, or would it be a bit riskier? Just thinking that a) coffee cup and ingredients would have to be sanitised, and b ) coffee would have to be stirred into brew maybe risking oxidisation?
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    Caffeine In Beer?

    Lovely little poem you got in your sig there mate! Could those flavoured coffee beans you can buy be added to a mash, say vanilla or the like?
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    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    Good point, there are plenty of people I know who taste a beer (usually a stout) and comment that it's really "beerey"...lol The taste of a good beer is what it makes it the style in wich it is!
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    Different Opinions...

    If the beer has only been bottled for 5 days Ide say that it isnt ready for drinking yet and wont have full carbonation. I usually wait at least 2 weeks for my bottle primed ones. The sugar content which is yet unfermented could also be giving it funny flavours I'de say it'll be fine in a few...
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    Ross's New Bar

    Hahaha.... if the Imperial was quite a thick variety it could of also been used to tar the floor!
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    Ross's New Bar

    If the top is Redgum you'll have trouble making dents with your glass... the bum of the glass will go first. Queensland Ironbark is tougher again, but is not as red when machined and sealed An uncle of mine has a coffee table with a huge slice of Redgum mallee root, where the trunk of a dead...
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    Ross's New Bar

    Bloody hell Ross...the local will lose all it's customers! Will you always have 10 kegs full to connect to those 10 taps? Very impressive indeed...one could only dream to build another small house in the backyard to have a bar/games room/theatre/man area to accomodate such items!
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    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    How crap do commercial beers taste after having a homebrew-seasoned tongue... After I grew up in my teens sneaking a purchase of VB slabs and drinking that for years, I hadnt touched it in maybe 3 years or so. Then, the other week it was the supplied beer at my brother's wedding reception...
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    Stout Recipe.

    Thought I'de post this query into a like-minded thread Whats everyone's take on this Irish Stout Recipe? I made a request for a reasonably strong, creamy stout, and this is what I was given... IRISH STOUT 1.5kg Amber Malt (coopers can) 1.5kg light dry malt 500gm Wheat (dry) 350gms Roast...
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    Barvarian Wheat Beer

    The ESB Wheat Kit comes out a treat, and also works out well if you do a 1 boil with some hops, orange peel and crushed coriander seeds for a Hoegaarden recipe Obviously wont be exactly like the real thing, but good for beginners and a quick brew
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    Honey Wheat Beer

    Have a gander at this thread mate, theres a recipe and some info there. Otherwise type in "Beez Neez" at the search bar at top of page http://www.aussiehomebrewer.com/forum/inde...&hl=beez%20neez
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    Coopers Microkit

    Welcome to the site mate :beer: The level of helpfulness on this forum is excellent, helped me out a great deal too, i was in the same position as you a year ago, now doing partials which is even better. From my experience with the Coopers Kits is that while their supplied yeasts are of the...
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    Trappist Monks Refuse To Bow To World Demand

    Imagine you could get hold of a carton and put it up on ebay..... you'de make a fortune!
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    Melbourne Water Quality

    I havent gone to the extent of doing analysis of the water around my area (Bundoora, nth suburbs) but around here and east the water quality is said to be the best in melbourne. I have a mate who lives in the west (Melton) and the water out there is like chlorinated stuff from the swimming...