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    New to brewing, having some issues

    Lagers are alot harder to make, as a new brewer I would go for IPAs, it was the first thing i made and it was really bad but i still drunk it though. Yes you defo pitched high which will kill some yeast off and stress the rest. Also I would use a better yeast than the one that comes with the...
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    Morgan's beer tin vs malt extract

    The 1.7kg tins are hopped and the 1.5kg tins arnt. I wouldn't personally use 2 hopped tins in the same brew but don't see why you couldn't. DME is unhopped and I believe but could be wrong that 1kg of dry malt is equal to 1.5kg of liquid malt. Have fun buddy
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    First Brew: Mangrove Jack's Blonde Lager

    I've boiled my wart and not boiled and the difference is minimal. However boiling is better if your adding hops as you have more control over bitterness and hop flavour, even if you only boil for 15 minutes. If it's a pre hopped can don't boil that as will make existing hops bitter. The 2 best...
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    Is this off

    How do you dry hop or add gelatin to your wort then if you don't take the lid off? I've read some people leave there wort in primary for up to 5 weeks and in some of the brewing books I have the recipies state 3 weeks. As for the hop bag I have enclosed pic as I'm at work right now but hops give...
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    Is this off

    No, looks normal to me. I would take the hop bag out and leave for another few more days. Fermenting gives off co2 which smells bad. The longer you leave it before bottling the better. I've never fermented for less than 2 weeks, so pop lid back on and leave it a while.
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    Cold crashing for bottled beer

    I've done 9 brews and cold crashed 3. They certainly take longer to carbonate in the bottle. I have done some research and would suggest two things. 1 drop the temp by 3° a day and keep the lowest temperature to about 5° and 2 have you tried finnings? It's a small packet you put into boiled...
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    Fermentation Fridge and bottle conditioning

    I've done two brews with my inkbird and the beer is a hundred times better. I've set mine to 19° as the fermentation creates heat anyway. I've set the tollerances to 0.5 + and - so as soon as it gets to 19.5 the fridge turns on and when it hits 18.5 it turns it off. I've used the thinning a but...
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    Do you have to age Coopers Lager?

    For anything else your spot on but lager is lower.
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    Do you have to age Coopers Lager?

    Safale us05 is a good yeast to start with. It's what I use. It's about $5 from your local home brew shop. With lager you want the fermentation temperature as low as possible, about 15° so you might have some off flavours if it got to 26. I think it's also the fluctuation of temperature that can...
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    Do you have to age Coopers Lager?

    I'm sure you've been on youtube, the best I've found is Cellerdweller and he has his own website and forum and Craft beer and brewing magazine. I only started in August so it's good to give advice instead of receiving it.
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    Do you have to age Coopers Lager?

    Two simple things I now do is buy a separate yeast and not use the one that comes with the can. And leave for 2 weeks in the fermenter. To get higher ABV just add more sugar, try 500g of a brown sugar or a Cooper's brew enhancer. The best thing I did was to get a cheep fridge, about $100 on a...
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    Do you have to age Coopers Lager?

    I'm on my 7th brew now and have tried every one after 1 week. It won't be carbonated properly. If it's in a plastic bottle give it a squeeze and see how hard it is. If it's firm then it's on its way. Put it in the fridge for at least a day before you drink it as that helps. PS my first lager was...
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    Final Gravity is too high on a Kit Pale Ale

    I'm a bit of a newbie myself but had a similar situation. I gave the fermenter a bit of a shake to get the crud at the bottom moving about, I've also found sticking dry hops in can start fermentation off again a bit. Try both. I would still bottle as my first beer ever had a FG of1.015 and I...
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    Grain & hop additions to basic 1.7 Kg extract kits

    I'm new to this so might be a bit thick here, when you say boil the extract is this out the tin as mine just says to add boiling water and cold water. If it can be boiled to add hops this would be a great next step for me as I want to end up doing grains.
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    Rookie mistake.

    I did the same brew 2 weeks ago. I used DME and not dextrose but my reading was 1047. Hope this helps