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    What are you brewing 2022

    That time of year again........:drinkingbeer: Guinness Clone Irish Stout 4.1% / 10.6 °P All Grain 64.4% efficiency Batch Volume: 23 L Boil Time: 60 min Mash Water: 32.29 L Total Water: 32.29 L Boil Volume: 29.54 L Pre-Boil Gravity: 1.037 Vitals Original Gravity: 1.042 Final Gravity: 1.011 IBU...
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    Free Home Delivery

    Any chance of opening up a Perth branch GasGuyz! 🙏:)
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    What are you brewing 2022

    Needed a quick keg filler this week so used what bits and pieces i had laying around to make a simple Pale Ale Malts (5.72 kg) 5.62 kg (98.3%) — Joe White Maltings Pilsner, Malt Craft Export — Grain — 3.2 EBC 100 g (1.8%) — Simpsons Crystal Medium — Grain — 179 EBC...
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    colonial small ale recipe

    Also hoping to follow up everyone’s experience with this recipe , did you manage to tweak the recipe to get closer to the CSA Jason ?
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    WTB: 40L Birko Urn - Perth

    Yep for BIAB, that is a valid point mate - not a lot of extra coin for a bucket load more features
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    WTB: 40L Birko Urn - Perth

    Hi all , any Perthites out there looking to offload a 40L urn? Preferably concealed element Cheers!
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    Pressure Relief Valve.

    I'm in for two please
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    Late to the party here but if anyone has a spare they'd like to offload id happily purchase off you :cheers:
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    Brew Controller - Perth NOR

    Hi All, is anyone in need of a controller?? PM me an offer Cheers! RL
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    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    Yes mate still available
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    FS: Perth NOR - Single Vessel Build Parts

    HI Guys. I have deconstructed my single vessel build - I no longer have the space for it so here are the parts I have left up for grabs Mag Drive Pump - Keg King MKII - Needs new Pump Head as I was going to convert it to S/S but never got around to it. It has a Powercon connector but this is...
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    The Brauduino (Matho’s Controller) Buy thread

    HI All - My controller is up for grabs - I have only used it about 5 times - selling to fund a new set up. PM me for info - thanks legends
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    Cleaning Stainless Steel

    10 minutes work with a scourer pad, wiped with starsan and let it sit for 20 minutes then rinsed and dried over night......worked a treat! Cheers for the info guys.
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    Cleaning Stainless Steel

    Thanks camo. Appreciate it.