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    Ebc To Lovibond Conversion

    It's actually not as simple as just multiplying by 2 to get the color in EBC. Even BeerSmith uses this approximation. At the lower end of the spectrum (CaraPils, Crystal 20EBC) it is about double the Lovibond color, but as you get to the higher colors it gets a bit skewed away from 2X(L color)...
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    First meeting of 2014?

    You probably already know this, but we have had our January meeting. It was on February 1st of this year. We skipped the February meeting and hopefully our next meeting will be on March 29th. Are you on our mailing list? If not, what is your email address and I will put you on the list. Cheers...
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    DIY Webcam Microscope for counting yeast for $25

    Looks great! One problem is that you can't really differentiate between live and dead yeast cells without the use of some kind of stain. I think many breweries/labs have used methylene blue in the past, but have had problems with overestimation of yeast cell count. An alternative would be...
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    Partial IPA

    Make sure you do a 90 min boil if you are going to use Pilsner malt. It has about 6-8 times the amount of S-methylmethione, which is the precursor to DMS (cooked corn aroma/flavor). You could just substitute it with Maris Otter or regular Ale Malt if you wanted. Just wondering why you are using...
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    I just made a Heffeweizen for our brew club Oktoberfest party next weekend. I didn't want too much banana aroma or flavor, so I did a ferulic acid rest at 42 C for about 20 mins along with a decoction to bring it up to 64 C for the main mash, then another decoction to bring it to 76 C for a mash...
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    taylormade little buggers pale ale

    Sounds like a good recipe. I wouldn't make the 30 min Cascade addition. Just move it to the end, or 5 mins from the end. No reason to let all of those nice grapefruity aromatics escape during the boil.
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    flat kit beer

    If you want a fuller flavored beer, you could add some corn syrup (maltodextrin). You should be able to find it at any of the online shops. I would add 1 kg of light malt extract and 250 g of corn syrup for more malt flavor and more body. The alcohol would still be around 3.6 - 4.0% in 22...
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    Queensland Amateur Brewing Championship 2013

    Thanks for that! That Lambic is almost 2 years old after sitting on oak chips for 6 months with the addition of bottle dregs from a couple of sours. I don't think I can re-brew it a few times in the near future.... :) I do have another one going that is conditioning on raspberries. Should be...
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    Queensland Amateur Brewing Championship 2013

    Holy crap! I actually got Champion Brewer! Still can't believe it. A big thanks to Ross for hosting! Hopefully you enjoyed my Straight Lambic and Gueuze if you got to try them! :) Bring on the Nationals!
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    Imperial Stout water:grain ratio question

    Just make sure you realize that you are going to lose about 1-1.25 L per kilo of grain due to absorption. So, for the original recipe, you would probably lose 11 - 14 liters of water. Also, even though you have 11 kg of grain plus 33 liters of water, doesn't necessarily mean that you will have a...
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    First Rye

    In my opinion, you probably shouldn't have a 30 minute addition in this kind of beer. I would drop that one and the Mt. Hood FWH and go with 20 g of Mt. Hood at each of these times 15, 10, 5, and 0 mins. I'm guessing that Mt. Hood is all that you have at the moment. It's not really used in IPAs...
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    First Rye

    Rye is a weird "grain" and it takes a lot to get the flavor to come out. Most people think of the spicy character of rye bread, but the bread gets most of it's flavor from carraway seeds. Drop a kilo of the Perle malt and add another kilo of Rye to get a good flavor. I've heard of people making...
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    American Amber Ale Recipe Thoughts

    Sounds good, but I would go with more darker crystal grains instead of the pale chocolate or carafa. American Amber Ales aren't supposed to have any roasted character. The hops sound good, but I would bitter with a clean hop like Columbus or Warrior. Use the Citra and Galaxy for your later...
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    Black Ipa's

    Just throw all the grains in the mash. Don't worry about cold steeping the roasted grains. I've brewed a 10 min Pale Ale before and people thought I was crazy, but it was delicious. :) Some people think that you don't get the right hop compound isomerization when you only do a 10 minutes boil...
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    Cold Conditioning For Too Long?

    Nope. You're just not drinking fast enough.... :)