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    Fermenting and kegging

    No expert here either however one thing I have learnt, especially since going all grain, is that yeast does a whole lot more than simply produce the alcohol content of the beer evident at the end of active fermentation. Even if there is no diaectyl evident I would be leaving it on the yeast for...
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    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    Yeah, but after they take the hops out for us brewers:cheers::cheers::cheers:
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    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    I've been guilty of tipping the GF at times but find that it's to no real advantage. I think it has only been in situations where I wasn't getting enough volume in the fermenter. Sometimes I find my boil-off can be more than planned. But as I said I find very little advantage in the amount of...
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    Cleaning Glasses

    I've never really understood some the angst around washing beer glasses. I figure that my washing up detergent cleans pots and pans and plates fit to eat off so it should clean my beer glasses pretty well too. Like "johnno" from 15 years ago it's all I ever use. A good rinse in piping hot...
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    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    I'm looking to update my original Grainfather controller to the current bluetooth model. Do you think I can safely assume that it will fit and work okay on my March 2016 Grainfather. I've tried the help function on Grainfather's web site to no avail so far. Cheers Ray
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    No idea really....

    I have an all grain brewing mate at River Heads. He speaks very highly of the local Brew Club (Fraser Coast Bayside Brewers I ( think). Might be a good place to pick some brains.
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    Grainfather - Counterflow into kettle first and then into fermenter

    Your suggestion is exactly how I do mine. Although with my last couple of brews I have connected the pre-chiller within a couple of minutes of the recirc starting. Temp in the fermenter has been mid to high 20s. The pre-chiller is from a full pack of copper pipe from Bunnings. It may have...
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    Hop Bill Help

    I don't know Sabro and Ekuanot however I did a similar thing a while back simply to use up all my bits and pieces of hops in the freezer - a "Leftover IPA". I don't have a lot of hop knowledge but it turned out great so I wouldn't be too scared of just going for it and use the lot. I did sort...
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    Can someone ID this please

    Thanks Mark. Helps to understand some of the technicalities. I recirculate and mash out at 78. I must check more closely next time as I have only noticed (I like your terminology), the snott, early in the boil. Ray
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    Can someone ID this please

    And thanks again to Huez. Dr Googled some more hot break references and found a couple of photos that looked remarkably like my alien. Strange that I hadn't noticed it in previous brews. I need to pay closer attention.
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    Can someone ID this please

    Thanks Huez. The link won't open for me but I can get all the way through to the hot break link. It then gives me an "origin error". I'll persevere and have a read.
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    Can someone ID this please

    Yeah I use whirlfloc but the alien appears at the start of the boil well before it's added.