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    Over mineraling the water

    I'm afraid any benefits, like the boron, are simply marketing. The name is a dead give away - 50,000V? I gather they figure as some batteries contain an electrolyte (completely different meaning,) their "electrolytes" (in this case salts which can aid in water uptake during exercise or extreme...
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    KegKing now at

    I sorted out my FKJs, no thanks to KK, in fact I had to spend enough with the competition that I wish I had just gone with them to start with. I made up a second spunding valve with parts from the competition and with some repairs now will both hold pressure indefinitely, unless I use your...
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    I realise this is an old thread, but I tried to purchase a couple of items they claimed to have in stock a few weeks ago and payed for express postage. Their website is "temporarily closed while we fulfil orders" and an attempt to reply to their confirmation receipt comes back with a 501 error...
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    Whirlfloc in Extract

    It isn't that difficult - if extract only it will not help, as the break has already been performed. If a partial mash, it won't make any difference if extract is present, as the break has already been performed.
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    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    I am not 100% confident in the fermenter at the moment. I can put the spunding valve on my picnic keg and it will hold 10psi for at least 12 hours, but I had a gas leak overnight on the fermenter in the fridge and until I get a gas bottle in there I can't be sure. I think I will transfer the...
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    Next step after a basic kit - fill in the blanks for me.

    I'm not knocking the Woolies tin, but you do realise you will be approximately doubling the bitterness of the beer?
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    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    Good point. They come disassembled, but I do remember the o-ring on the gas post being jammed around the top of the tube in the post and I have spares.
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    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    I got laid off just before stage 4 and as I won't be able to afford to buy any beer for 6 weeks or more now would be a good time to try pressure fermenting... So I ordered the two Fermenter King Junior for $99.00, a spunding valve and SS ball lock (they didn't have plastic in stock.) The fun...
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    Let's Freeze Some Yeast

    Preferable not to use a frost free anything, as they periodically warm everything up to to melt off the frost.
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    KegKing now at

    I actually met Kee a number of times and I suspect rumours such as this blaming him for the troubles are extremely unfair. I suspect he struck the classic problem of being a talented engineer with a small company that had written a rather unfair contract, so they owned the rights to everything...
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    KegKing now at

    He is on a facebook page I am on - he got tired of the posturing and trolling. On the facebook page the majority support each other, and don't take banter too seriously.
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    KegKing now at

    The landscape changed dramatically at about the same time KegLand became a sponsor, co-incidentally... I'm not anti-KegLand, but have not appreciated or believed a lot of what they said both before and after they admitted who they were. I have bought from them - what happened on the business...
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    KegKing now at

    If Beir Hearder had been an employee of Keg King he would have gotten caught in the fallout from "the incident." The majority of mud slinging, rumours and accusations have come from the KegLand guy - I wonder if he is the person who actually planned the "coup" - remember to be able to take all...
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    KegKing now at

    Trade Mark and Patent are different things. Keg Land have the trade mark for the InterTap name and a number of other products formerly sold by KK. I will make no comment about how this came to be, but KK appear to have overcome this hurdle. Competition is great, but shit fights aren't - I have...
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    KegKing now at

    Oh, I'd forgotten that one! With someone showing side by side comparisons but claiming the intertap is the ultratap and vice-versa, then accusing others of having a bias. I still say Brumbies are better, just a pain to keep clean in a home brew application.