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    WTB Beer Pump / Picnic Pump

    Hi guys. A mate of mines got a picnic pump like this It doesn’t have a gas relief valve and can be tricky to dial in. Are they available with a valve? Where should I start looking? TIA
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    Brisbane Bulk Buy

    Payment made. $258.00. Cheers guys.
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    Brisbane Bulk Buy

    Ok, I'm in. James - 1x Maris Otter, 1x WM Pilsner, 0.5x Wheat = 2.5 bags Adam - 1 x JW Pilsner, 1 x BB Ale = 2 bags Hophead - 1 x BB ale ,1 x WM Pilsner = 2 bags biggles266 - 2 x BB Pale, 1 x BB Wheat Proffs - 2 x BB Pale, 1 x BB Wheat, 1 x Simpsons MO, 1 x BB Ale = 5 bags Total Bags = 14.5
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    Galaxy grassy flavour.

    This. Get it in and get it out.
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    Brisbane Bulk Buy

    Where is pickup from exactly? Zillmere? And is pickup strictly on a particular day like other bulk buys? I'm on the southside but could possibly get one of my staff to pick up for me during the week. I'm probably looking for 5 bags.
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    Bulk Grain Buys

    I'd be in for a sack or two pending pricing too. Might as well just post your bulk prices here cos we'll all know soon enough anyway. :P If that's cool with the mods of course... :unsure:
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    Brisbaine storms 27/11/14

    I live in algester, nice little storm. Marble sized hail, no damage. Works at Archerfield tho. Some pretty serious damage out here. Still no power, some places flooded, lost roofs, trees down all over the place.
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    What's Your Beer IQ?

    94.44% on normal.
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    Brisbane Bulk Buy

    18th works for me. I'm off to straddie for a week the next day!
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    Coopers PET Bottles and glass stubbies giveaway!

    Sorry for the late reply mate, they're all yours if you want. The glass ones are gone tho I think.
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    Coopers PET Bottles and glass stubbies giveaway!

    I'm moving house and I've got approx. 45 coopers PET bottles to get rid of. I've also got 3 boxes each filled with 36 green glass 330ml stubbies I got for free from craftbrewer when they moved shop. I'd rather give them away than chuck em in the bin. Located at calamvale, Brissie southside...
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    Brisbane Bulk Buy

    It's not about Barrett Burston Pilsener being bad but Weyerman Pils being good. BB malt is australian and weyermann is german.
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    What are you listening to

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw7GczaFAtk Looking forward to this one.
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    Ray's Outdoors Specials

    Ray's Outdoors are having a camping gear sale. Companion Megajet Burners for $107.40! http://www.raysoutdoors.com.au/online-store/products/Campfire-Megajet-Burner.aspx?pid=215772#Combo
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    Brisbane Bulk Buy

    Mine's right.