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    Longneck bottles (glass)for sale crows nest sydney

    Hey mate. What brand of bottles are they?
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    Are my hop plants f****?

    You're an absolute legend. Buying today! Will report back
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    Are my hop plants f****?

    Hey guys! My first year planting hops and I thing. At least one of them is in trouble and has stopped growing. It started with little caterpillars eating the leaves. I picked most of them off but it's a continual campaign. Since then the vine has stopped growing any higher and the leaves turn...
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    WTB Better Bottle

    I've been looking far and wide but I can only find them in WA. Anyone have any leads on unported 19l better bottles?
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    Glass Carboy vs Better Bottle vs Demijohn

    And where are you guys buying better bottles? I'm having trouble finding any in NSW. Or even Vic. Shipping is a bit expensive so hoping to reduce that by buying as local as I can. Joel
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    Help with my first sour

    Dudes this is all fantastic advice. Thank you! So if I'm hearing you guys right I should; 1) chill out, it can take time. Let the bugs work and see what happens 2) I was going to add port soaked oak chips towards the end. Do you think I could add them now and just leave them in for a bunch of...
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    Help with my first sour

    Hey pals! In advance, thank you for your help. First, my question: I've brewed my first sour beer, I'm a few months in to fermentation and I'm concerned about the flavours I'm getting. In short, the flavours are very hot - phenolic and estery, reminiscent of when I started brewing and didn't...
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    10 gallon / 38 Litre Beverage Cooler/ Esky for Mash Tun - Where to buy

    Thanks guys! All great suggestions. I can't believe I didn't check Peaky! And I'm going round because I'm building a brutus 20 system and the cooler needs to sit on top of a bucket as part of a gravity system. Can sit a big rectangle on a smaller cylinder :) u guys are legends j
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    10 gallon / 38 Litre Beverage Cooler/ Esky for Mash Tun - Where to buy

    Hey guys! Been doing a lot of google work and am not coming up with much. I'm after a 10 gallon / 38 litre beverage cooler/esky and I can't seem to find a place to pick one up in Sydney. Biggest I've found is 19 litres. I searched the forums and came across something from 2004 that recomends...
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    WTB: Counterflow Chiller

    Thanks for the tips Matto! U = legend
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    WTB: Counterflow Chiller

    Straight up gents, I'm after a Counterflow chiller. Sydney preferably but would look in to postage options... Thanks!
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    Getting rid of that "homebrew taste"

    For me it was sanitisation. I would rarely ever get an actual infection - say, a Pericles on top or spores or anything else that makes you want to puke - but I found that I had some chinks in my process that resulted in beers that just weren't "clean". I'm Still working it out but my last half...
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    How go you make a zero alcohol APA?

    Just a thought, but could you do a reverse eisebock? Freeze the low ABV beer and remove the alcohol somehow?
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    Building a bar

    This looks incredible man. I don't have tools or skills but I'm going to do something like this STAT. Maybe without real fish but I'll build seasonal themes. Kind of like the David jones Christmas displays... Way to immasculate a really masculine project...
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    No-chill - ditch the trub?

    Good thread! As a BIABer I'm always trying to reduce trub. Purely so as not to loose so much beer. Found this helpful!