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    Kit Brewers... Input

    Thanks all for your input. I'll keep you all posted on the progress. Cheers, Pete
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    Kit Brewers... Input

    Another issue I wish to discuss with you guys... I have a few kits in my 3kg boil range that only make 12 litres, such as the Imperial Stout and Scotch Ale. Now while I and several mates I brew with are more than happy to spend $40 or so on 12 litres of great beer, I was wondering what the...
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    Kit Brewers... Input

    Yes... yes they are :D Exceptional brews, those. At this stage of the game fresh wort kits won't be on offer, but time may change this... I have some highly hopped formulae earmarked already, including a double APA inspired by Hop Knot I tried from Two Peaks (or is that Three Peaks?) when...
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    Kit Brewers... Input

    Jake, One of the reasons why I have considered 2kg kits instead of 1.7kg is for those who are new to brewing and are likely to just add the 1kg of dextrose with their first brew. Some may think that 300g of malt may not make a difference in 20 litres of beer, but it does! I couldn't agree more...
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    Kit Brewers... Input

    Guys (Gals?), After being out of the industry for a while I am thinking of stepping back in with my own brand of concentrates, in 1.7kg (or 2kg, even?), 3kg, and 3kg boil kits. I have plenty of good formulations tried and tested already, but what I want to know is what do you guys really want...
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    I Don't Know What Language This Recipe Is In

    Or perhaps he comes from the "Ebenezer" of Iceland :rolleyes: Either way it's just tragic to do this to any beer, VB included. Better off adding a shot of vodka to your creaming soda!
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    What Size Home Brewery Would You Buy?

    Don't bet on it Ross. I routinely do double batches with my 75 litre kettle (actually 1 and 1/2 kegs, cut and welded together) and I quite often find that even 25 litres of head space is not enough to quell those damned boilovers! I would definately choose a 100 litre boiler for those 50 litre...
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    Do You Ever Question The Brewing Experts?

    I agree. In fact, I would go so far as to say if you are mucking around at that fine a level then you are either attempting to break into the professional circuit, or you are a wanker and have far too much time on your hands. Cheers, Pete :chug:
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    100% Saaz Ale

    Here's one I made many years ago. I have been meaning to make it again, but time and other untried recipes always get in the way. 8 kg. German Vienna 0.5 kg. English Brown Malt 0.5 kg. British Crystal 55L 0.05 kg. English Chocolate Malt 0.5 kg. Melanoidin Malt 100 g. Saaz (Pellets...
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    Your Favourite Belgian Brew

    Now I am not so sure we are talking about the same thing (although I must say my knowledge on this hasn't been updated for several years). The vieux that I know of is at least three years old, and anywhere up to five years in the cask. Unless this is actually called something else (which would...
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    Your Favourite Belgian Brew

    I agree totally. Lambic in Belgium is very common. It is found on tap in many Brussels cafes. What isn't easy to find are the viuex lambics. In fact one of them is only served to VIP guests of the Lambic Museum, apparently. They are very expensive, and you certainly won't find many served...
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    Your Favourite Belgian Brew

    If people have been culturing yeast from Chimay bottles recently, then things have DEFINATELY changed. I remember reading an article several years ago (translated from Belgian by an online translator) that stated implicitly that Chimay is centrifuged after fermentation to remove suspended...
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    Your Favourite Belgian Brew

    After brief consultation with texts at home, it is actually called "vieux" - with an "x"... not that that makes any real difference. Oh, and it is cask conditioned for three years and bottle conditioned for one. By the way, I tapped my first lambic effort the other day. It had been conditioning...
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    Your Favourite Belgian Brew

    Even I had to log in for this one... Rochefort 10. Definately. Delirium Tremens. One that you didn't mention, that I believe tops all others on the list; La Devine. My GOD I wish I had been successful in culturing that yeast. You also, absolutely MUST, try an old (five years cask-conditioned)...
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    Does Anyone Use Beertools

    I've been using beertools for a few years now... went gold last year and loved the additional features it gives you (the sliding scale for fine adjustments is a bloody brilliant time saver). Almost every brew I make these days gets put through the beertools calculator. Cheers, Pete :chug: