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    Brisbane Bulk Buy [May 2015]

    I'm also keen for the next grain bulk buy now that I'm settled in my new location and eager to get brewing again.
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    American IPA

    Wrong....even original British IPA brewers added sugar to cut (malted barley) costs!
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    Do you smoke cigarettes?

    Had a heart attack 2001,,,,,started smoking again,,back in hospital 12 months later. Gave up cold turkey then and there. I still wake up some nights.........dreaming,,,,,,dreading the thought that I might have weakened........... Filthy , fuckin' things
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    Spiegelau has created a special IPA glass

    $24.90 for a box of two. Pre orders now for delivery in May in Oz. Follow the links from the above posts.
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    Tri - Clover Fittings

    When you win the lotto Crusty, maybe you might head this direction.......with a bit of Braumeister BLING!!! :super:
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    Spiegelau has created a special IPA glass

    Maybe we can hope that one of our craft beer outlets like Slowbeer or Purvis Cellars ( for instance, in Victoria ) will put in a bulk order ! 'Cos I really want a few :)
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    Ballarat Beer Festival - 2013

    'Poured beers for a dude with clown make-up............??????
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    Ballarat Beer Festival - 2013

    Well the rest of you must be still hungover!! I had an absolute hoot of a day.............and I was on the serving side. Congrats to all who attended, only one pretty pissed dude and he was still in control.....kinda! Great festival, great bands, great crowd and shit hot beer. And the after...
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    Blichmann Hope Blocker On A Braumesiter?

    No replies from MHB for my same inquiry re p/u tube! I have a Brewers Hardware/ Core Brewing Concepts hop/trub via tri clover filter and would love to have that tube to complete the system.
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    Bendigo And District Brewers June 16th Catch-up

    Sorry guys, unexpected work commitments. Unable to attend, have a great day.
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    Munich Vs Wb06

    I used WB 06 in a wheat beer just the once and it tasted like shit ( apples). Further research suggests it's more suited to belgian wit styles . Just my 2cents . Cheers.
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    Bendigo And District Brewers June 16th Catch-up

    Nothing too special, just doesn't fit any style guidelines,,,,,,aaaaannnnnd, I have all the ingredients :D Here I hopePost Comment Hobart House beer - Hobart January 1, 2011 L Category Specialty Beer Subcategory Specialty Beer Recipe Type All Grain Batch Size 22.71 L Volume Boiled...
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    Bendigo And District Brewers June 16th Catch-up

    I would like to bring my braumeister and put down a beer I found on beertools under "specialty beers". and........pizza sounds really good to me.........Nelsons ?????????
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    Most Neutral Hop For Bittering?

    Yep, Northern Brewer is good. 'Just brewing my second batch of a Janets Brown ale right now which has NB as a mash hop and the first two additions at 60 and 15 minutes ! The last batch was primo, 'hope this goes as well.
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    Who's Cold Tonight?

    Sooooo, the triple J One Night Stand concert goers are in for chilly night next saturday WALLACE ????