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    Albury Wodonga Beer Scene

    Thirsty Crow bar seems to have other stuff on tap now and is on Nowtapped:
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    Never Wet

    Just saw this thread, thought it was about my wife! :)
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2014

    My order: 3x Mangrove Jack's Burton Ale (10gm) $2.50e 3x CraftBrewer American Ale (Twin Pack 2 x 12gm) $8.50e 2x CraftBrewer English (Twin Pack 2 x 12gm) $8.90e 1x Danstar - Nottingham British Ale (11gm) $4.50e Bacchus GMT+10 IPA - Fresh Wort Kit (20L) $59 Bacchus GMT+10 London Porter - Fresh...
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2014

    I'll get 3-4 , will have a think of which to get and confirm. Even with just the free freight I still highly recommend.
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    G'day Ross yesit was Zwitter that contacted you, as he was going to receive the shipment. If any people are still interested I think the free delivery is still a good deal and would get a few myself.
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    A new thread will be started for the new BB when we hear back from Ross. :)
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    I'm in, looks like we're on again. :) Cheers,
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    Black Duck Brewery & Bar Port Macquarie

    Been there a couple of times, top bloke and nice dog Murphy from memory, the Phoenix stout is there best beer by far IMO.
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    Cammeray Craft

    Had a trip to North Sydney to go to a couple of places yesterday and this was the first stop, it's located at: 504 Miller St Cammeray website is: And the tap list can be found on I really liked this place, there was 6 taps on and no mega swill, the...
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    nsw annual pub crawl 2014

    Barls, I'll give it another try if you'll have me, will do my best not to be sent home in a taxi this time! :(
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    Craft Beer Establishment in Western Sydney?

    Judging by Gumtree, I'm guessing this place is for sale. $570,000 seems a bit much!
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    Craft Beer Rising

    Heading into Sydney, If anyone sees a blind bloke with a Craft Beer Rising t-shirt say G'day.
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    Bacchus in Melb & Sydney...

    Bloody hell Ross sounds great, wish the City wasn't so far away! Love to try the Cunning Ninja and finally meet you. :)
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    Ross, haven't had any more I haven't tried before yet; but as posted before. London Porter, great porter on par with some expensive craft brews I've tried, nice and malty with great flavour from multiple malts. GMT IPA, didn't do a side by side with the real GMT but this was a bloody good...
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    For people who don't read website deals thread; Graysonline craft beer liquidation pick up Welsch Pool WA Some very good beers in there, would've been a good bottlo. :(