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    International Hotel Spring Hill

    ahhh how I miss that place back 10 years ago I lived behind it I remember when they put the micro brewery in there. was gr8 to be able to jump the fence to get home, I had though about putting a gate in ( shame I was renting :( )
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    Lookin' For A Good Commercial Stout!

    another vote for Coopers
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    What Hops In Coopers 62 Pilsener?

    I read somewhere that it has Saaz flavour in it
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    New Diy Coopers Kit

    I am happy with mine done a couple of brews and no different to using the old FV i thing i have noticed though is that it looks like I have scratch the bottom of it with the spoon when mixing up my Wort I called Coopers about it and with how I sterilise it they think it should be ok
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    Apparent Beer Doesn't Age Well?

    easy fixed, just drink it quicker
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    Chilli! All Things Chillies.

    I need to get some of that Trinidad Scorpion :)
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    Stainless Steel Fermenter

    I am guessing that it would not make any difference in the fermenting apart from cleaning up lol and give your brew set up a massive bling factor if you keep it nice and shiny
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    Old Cider

    thanks guys, will grab one next time I am there and see what it is like. don't normally drink Cider so tasting results might not be the best hehe
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    Old Cider

    lol might have to give it to her son to taste then
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    Old Cider

    My MiL was cleaning up a bit and going through and sorting out stuff from her late husbands stuff ( has taken her 14 years to get in to it and that is after my Mrs and I have offered to start helping out when she was ready ) we found this a case of Mercury Cider and a few extra bottles...
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/3-aluminium-cooking...d#ht_500wt_1156 3 aluminium cooking pots 1 x 50L 2 x 24L for those in qld
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    Firefox 4

    have not noticed any issues however I only use FF for developing in Joomla
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    Whats In The Glass

    but dam it was nice on a 31deg + day :) not sure why just used 2 drops in each bottle as I normally do
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    Duck In The Beer Fridge

    nice one Mercs :icon_cheers: and good timing with being in the middle of open season ATM, might have to try something like that one day
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    Whats Your Favourite/best Kit Can

    Coopers Pale is one I always have about the place