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    Difference Between A Draught And Lager?

    Could be anything. Draught refers to beer sold as Draught, that is out of the taps in your pub/club. Nothing to do with lager/ale/whatever. Draught Ale is sold off the tap. If it's bottled or canned, it's not Draught, just Ale Draught Lager is sold off the tap. If it's bottled or canned, it's...
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    Re-using yeast from last ferment

    Been harvesting yeast for the last decade. Generally, I brew again with 1 or 2 days. Has never been a problem for me. If you are really worried about it, you can always harvest only a smaller amount (say a test tube) and grow it up on your stirplate (if you have one), so you effectively have...
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    Re-using yeast from last ferment

    I'm with mongey and sponge. A whole yeast cake is overpitching, and I also don''t want my new wort onto tired old trub. I prefer to pitch an appropriate amount of harvested yeast into wort in a clean and sanitised fermenter.
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    Help, Did wife dry hopped my Beer too early?

    Trade her in on an expert barmaid instead, but first question yourself as to why you are dry hopping a lager. On the other hand, a wife who drinks beer is better company than one who slurps expensive cocktails. I'm glad I don't dry hop lagers, and my wife is basically allergic to alcoholic...
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    Lhbs what grinds your gears?

    My local HB supplier is also a member of my brew club, and brews AG himself. Very knowledgable, has expert assistance, and has all the AG stock I need. OK, it's a 45 minutes drive to get there, but it's a scenic drive and even mrs philrob doesn't mind it. Plus, they are a site sponsor.
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    WTB - Grain Mill

    I agree with MHB. I have used an original MillMaster mill since it was first released about 10 years ago. I hand crank it, so it's slow, but it leaves the husk intact but crushed the kernels. I never achieve less than 90% extraction efficiency. You won't go wrong having your grains milled...
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    Zero minute hop additions - Effect on overall IBU's

    Since when is adding more IBUs a problem? Seriously, you are best to keep accurate records, and adjust your regime based on your results. As for BeerSmith, I've been using it for 12 years, ie in versions 1, 2 and 3, and for me it always under predicts the bitterness I am aiming to achieve, so...
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    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Steve, I'm sorry to be a nuisance, but could I please cancel my order for the WY3068? I'm now going into hospital for right shoulder surgery next week, and judging by my experience after my left shoulder surgery, I won't be in a fit state to manage the physical activities of brewing for some...
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    New to brewing - I wish to master this Brew Master Practice

    Best advice I can give you is to join a brew club. Any experienced member will be most happy to guide you, well, at least my brew club members would. I don't know where you live, Queensland is rather non-specific.
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    New Aussie Brewer

    Your exploding bottles are more likely to have been because your batch did not ferment out properly, probably as you likely underpitched your yeast. If you just pitched the yeast sachet from under the can lid, I'll bet it wasn't enough for a healthy fermentation. If I'm correct, you are better...
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    Grain Bill Question

    Agree with MHB. My go to for Pale Ale (either UK or USA) is: 95% Pale Malt (Golden Promise, Maris Otter etc) 4% Heritage Crystal 1% Chocolate Wheat (I like a bit of colour in my beers) Hops as you like it 60 seconds pure oxygen injection Pitch appropriate yeast (I do equivalent of 2 smakpaks...
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    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Steve, I'm Rob from HUB, and Corlette.
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    Dry Kolsch yeast

    Sidney Harbour Bridge, Your recipe looks pretty good, but I'd replace your hops with all Spalter. It's essentially all they use in Dusseldorf. Cut back on the Choc a little, and you might have a winner. 60 gr of Choc will make it darker than what they serve in Dusseldorf!
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    Final SG question

    With the ingredients you posted you will never never achieve an FG of 1.006. You used a Mangrove can, and another can of Coopers LLME. Your can of Mangrove is designed to be used basically with a kg of sugar, which essentially is fully fermentable. The Coopers LLME does not fully ferment out. I...
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