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    Stellar San and Star San

    I have been using Brewman's version of StarSan for some time now. Works fine for me, and it's a lot cheaper, plus the cap doesn't split.
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    What are you listening to

    Yup, hate to say it, but 95% of stuff recorded today does not qualify as "music" for me.
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    New User

    Welcome brewlove. Enjoy the forum. Feel free to raise any brewing issues as you feel fit, and I'm sure those wiser than me will have a solution.
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    Negatives to drinking high fg beer?

    No worries. In that case I suspect your initial mash temperature would have been on the high side. Dropping from 74ºC to 58ºC over 20 minutes seems a very rapid drop. Are you sure this is correct and that it dropped that quickly? Seems unlikely. I only lose 1 or 2ºC over an hour long mash.
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    What is the recommended lagering process for a true pilsner?

    I always use dextrose to prime, and add it to each bottle before filling. I don't bulk prime. As for yeast, I distribute sort of equal proportions from a single packet of dry yeast into each bottle (a bit hit and miss, but it works for me). Might not be necessary, but it won't hurt. I've used...
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    What is the recommended lagering process for a true pilsner?

    I currently have a lager underway. I fermented at 10ºC for 2 weeks, then raised it gradually to 18ºC for a couple of days (even though I don't think I needed to as I pitched a shedload of yeast) I racked the beer off the yeast into another fermenter under a blanket of CO², and dropped the temp...
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    Negatives to drinking high fg beer?

    That recipe and your mash temps should normally have given you a lower SG. All I can think of is your method of measuring your SG. As elmoMakesBeer said, if it's with an refractometer, you should adjust for alcohol content. Most brewing software will have that tool, but if you need it, I have a...
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    Negatives to drinking high fg beer?

    Bit difficult to give you considered advice without all the details. Would be helpful if we have the following information: 1. Recipe 2. Mash temperature 3. How long did you mash 4. Which yeast 5. How did you measure your post mash SG? 6. How long did you ferment and at what temperature? 7. How...
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    Maris otter SmAsH recipe WANTED

    Yup, you're correct, but let's not nitpick. The main purpose of a SMaSH,as I understand it, is to learn what single ingredients bring to a beer. OP didn't explain why it had to be a SMaSH. No reason he/she couldn't brew with either of those hops or in combination. For me, using the 2 hops would...
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    Maris otter SmAsH recipe WANTED

    Simple. 100% Maris Otter. Cascade @ 60min to about 20 IBU, then Cascade & Mosaic at 5 or 10 min to about another 15 IBU. Dry hop later with either or both as you desire or not. WY1272 or similar.
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    You could also log into Then sign on as a member, and go into BrewBuilder on that site. It has lots of proven recipes (including those proven by the likes of MHB and Brewman themselves).
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    New to liquid yeast

    Once your beer has fermented, the slurry from either dried or liquid yeast will behave the same. I strongly suspect you have underpitched, and probably should have cultured up the White Labs yeast on a stirplate (or similar) to give you enough volume of yeast. I have a brew lagering at...
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    Seems like I can't post a thread under The Brew Shed?

    You should be able to now. It's simply that your first 2 posts after joining need to be moderator approved.
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    Rice wine

    Polish to English translation: Do you have a proven way to make rice wine?