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    Yeast pitching temp for lager

    I agree with MHB. When I brew my once a year Pils, I use a Wyeast smakpak and grow it up in a 2½ litre starter. I then repeat the process with about a quarter of the result, and combine all that yeast for a 23 litre batch. I reckon I have the equivalent of about 4 or 5 smakpaks for a 25 litre...
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    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Hi Steve, Official order done today, with more added on. I've added a message asking if I can collect at the end of next week after I'm back in Corlette from Brisbane. Cheers, Rob
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    Coopers Lager - 21L

    Risky? Lots of brewers dry hop all the time (but no stirring) and it doesn't lead to infections. I've been doing it for 13 years without problems. What's that risk you speak of?
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    Newbie looking to learn the Belgian ropes

    Batch size is usually understood as after the boil and chill, and into the fermenter.
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    Newbie looking to learn the Belgian ropes

    depecid, the best advice I can give you is to get in touch with your local brew club. As it is, there is an active one on the Central Coast, and I know they have some well qualified members, who can give you all the help you need. Link here: Contact Details
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    At last, a hobby that saves money!

    I'm with you. I started AG brewing 13 years ago, and haven't spent big on equipment since then, so it's more than earned it's keep. I reckon I'm averaging about $1.50 a longneck for beer I really want to drink, rather than what's on tap at my golf club. And a side benefit is there are never any...
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    Freshly opened hop aroma

    Cracked my first bottle today. Still has that great aroma, pine, citrus, fruit salad, as you expect from a blend of USA hops. And the flavour is still there too, and my expected biting bitterness on the finish. I brewed it as an inspired attempt to get close to Sierra Nevada Torpedo. I'm very...
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    Freshly opened hop aroma

    I bottled a batch of IIPA just over a week ago. 60 IBU Chinook @ 60 min 10 IBU Citra @ 5 min 5 IBU Mosaic @ 5 min I let the kettle stand for 30 minutes post boil before chilling 30 gr Cascade, 20 gr Citra LupulN2, 20 gr Mosaic LupulN2, all dry hopped one week in and then left for 10 days before...
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    Hydrometer sitting at 1020

    Why do people always want to write off brews with only apparent minor problems? Brew another batch, pitch plenty of yeast, aerate well, and when it's done, blend the two batches, or if bottling, pour half and half.
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    When to bottle

    What's your recipe, and which yeast did you use. 75% apparent attenuation seems within the ball park for a lot of ale yeasts, so it may not be a problem, but more information would be helpful.
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    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Hi Steve, WY3068 please. Thanks, Rob
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    Bottle conditioning - sugar amounts for various bottle sizes (first brew)

    I've been bottling my beers now for the last 13 or so years. I use those little measures, and they are spot on for dextrose, although I use exclusively Coopers 750 mil longnecks. I don't use sugar, as it packs down differently in the measure depending on the type of sugar you use.
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    Emu Bitter clone, just lacking instructions (ingredients list inside)

    Go buy another pack of yeast to add if you intend to truly ferment at lager temps (9 to 12ºC or so). One won't be enough, unless you ferment at ale temps, and then proceed as an ale. I use liquid yeasts, and for lagers I grow it up to 4 to 5 times the volume of yeast for a 25 litre batch.
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    Cold / Hot Break Trub

    I've been racking my brains for some time as to how people separate the hot break from the cold break, so as to leave the hot behind but let a little of the cold break get through. Would love to read how it's done. For what it's worth, I chill my brews the same as MM, but use BrewBrite dissolved...
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    US 05 yeast action / bubble rate

    To be crude, your bum is tighter than a rubber band, and your raspberries find a way out too. Don't sweat the unimportant details. It will find its way out. Works for me (both of them).